Ok since i dont have the pictures to blog about Raya, let me write about something else.

When i was still single, i LOVE to snuggle under the comforter. Now that me and my sisters are married, both we and our husbands alike don't like the comforter.

Reason? It's too Hot. with shared body warmth and all.

Me and hubby are reduced to filling in the single bed sized blanket. I know some pple, like my neighbour, who has queen sized bed but king sized comforter. Reason? Dont wanna fight and pull for some cover.

But i like using a single bed sized blanket. It means more intimacy bcos u hafta be closer to share it.

There was one time that i DID feel frustrated bcos was too cold at night and he took all the blanket. Then i went under the comforter (we sleep on top of the comforter hehe) and then i felt lonely... :( bcos i cldnt hug when im under and he's on top of the comforter. and BESIDES, body warmth beats any other thing to protect you from the cold.

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