How to weave Ketupat


Oh yes, forgot to say that Ketupat can also be a decoration. You just need to use equal length (say abt 1m) and width ribbons of mixed colour and follow thru the steps in the video and wa la~

hehe Give it a go!


If you ask me what is the special thing we do for Hari Raya each year without fail, I'd say it's weaving Ketupat.

Our whole family has been weaving ketupat since we were small. We all mastered weaving it by age 7 maybe? Back in Tampines, my mother had ever taken order of 1000+!!!! *faint* Luckily, I was still studying back then, and it was the school holidays and i helped her out and didnt sleep the whole night on the eve of the eve of Hari Raya. Got back aches from sitting on the floor and bending over for too long!

Ketupat is a rice cake made out of coconut leave weaved into a diamond shape. It is a festive dish that we ate with Rendang (beef/mutton) or Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken Cooked Red) etc.

So, below i insert a video of how to weave ketupat.

Stay tune to see how the whole process of cooking them goes.

Selamat mencuba! Happy trying!

And thanks to Xubi who helped me record this video. =) Love you.

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13 glasses of Juice:

Angello said...

Nice blog i like the name. Cool coulor

Like your blog and maybe you could visit my blogs to?

Dont forget....

Take care and bye. Hope you will like my blogs

Zamrady Ariffin said...

I was never good at this anyam ketupat thing, oh me god, how can i claim to be a full blooded melayu, i am so ashamed hisk hisk sob sob. Wait a minute! There's always the plastic nasi himpit solution in the hypermarket, just add water he he he, i love technology...

Jussaemon said...

technology's good. But we're losing touch with our culture :P

try and try again lah. hehe but i m sure kak nadia can weave something or make longtong/lemang...??

marina said...

Ketupat! Yay! I love ketupat. My aunt tried to teach me countless of times, but my fingers keep getting stuck in the middle part. Hehehe

Thank you for the video :) I think I'll try to make it according to your video :)

Jussaemon said...

Hello Marina,

i think the key point is to see the rationale/logic of the move, then u will get it and never get lost. Dont be afraid to let go ur fingers...

No problem re the video. It was fun making it! I just hope its clear enough.

Ivan Chew said...

This is great. Thanks for sharing. Gives me a better appreciation of the work that goes into making a Ketupat. You and your mum had to do 1000? Fwah. Oh, in response to your comment about technology and the loss of culture, I'd argue that technology is making it easier for culture to be spread. Yours is an example. Cheers!

Jussaemon said...

Hi Ivan.

Thanks for dropping by. Yeah its a lot of work. $0.50 or even $0.80 a piece dont justify it.

In fact, the larger the order, the more tedious the process will be and definitely NO BULK discount can be given!

yup 1000... those were the days... not anymore

True technology helps but its modified! Have u seen those instant ketupat or lontong? they put the rice in plastic for us to boil. HOw "Plastic" can that be?


max1942 said...

Great video - your giggles made me feel so at home and comfortable. I made my first ketupat after watching your video more than 10 times I think! My fingers just had such a hard time trying to hold the strands while weaving.

Anonymous said...

This really helps! Thank you so much for the delightful tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Salam.. Chance upon your blog. Love the demostration. Its exactly how my late father had taught me of which i had forgetten.

Thank you so much.. And obviously i will practice it and teach to my children.

Jussaemon said...

Hmm Thanks Anonymous.

I checked my stats and it seems that people have been visiting this post regularly. I'm happy to be of some use to the community. hehe

Grace Ng said...

Thanks for your video. I manage to make ketupat decorations successfully :) Will remember this skills always.

Jussaemon said...

Hi Grace. Glad you gave it a try =)