Monday Hungover.

We wanted to visit our next door neighbour last night but Zubair said, "You go ahead. I'm tired of visiting. One day 3 houses can.... but not 7!!"

But i said to him, "No this is very normal. we're used to it. If we dont do it... it feels... well... wrong!"

He just shook his head.

Thing is in Pakistan, they get 3 days of Public Holidays to celebrate Eid when we only get 1 day. So i guess we, depressed and surpressed Singaporeans, want to vent our positive anger to celebrate thru all the 30 days of Syawal esp during weekends. not to mention we loveeee to see each other pple's houses (that's why we bought that new curtain, carpet, bedsheet etc etc) and eat each other's cookies for we've made them lovingly with our pointing fingers. haha

Anyway... Monday morning... i was too god damn tired to go to work tho i managed to wake up with the alarm. But bcos i already told my body, last night, that i wanna go to the gym and that i already planned what to wear and what to stuff for my gym bag, i dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready...

So, kak long, in answer to your comment, yes i did go to the gym.

It was Fruit Day in the office and i had to go to collect them to distribute on my floor. My colleague, upon seeing me, exclaimed, "OMG what happened to you?,.... you look so... tired."

I know im BORNed with eye bags but i think this morning it was worse than ever. I've been sleeping past 1am for the past few nights... "Yeahlah hari raya visiting." was all i managed to reply.

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3 glasses of Juice:

narny said...

yeah i heard you guys wanted to come over.. we wanted to go over on sunday too but no one was home... sob sob..

Jussaemon said...

hehe FUnny eh we cant catch each other when we live just next door!

But i dont suppose we're going out any of this week's weekday. TIRED already!... but if weekend i'm game!

when r u and ur parents free next?

narny said...

uurrrgghh got to depend whether my dad is available if he is meaning we have to settle his side if he's not yippeee we get to stay home.. so i told my mom to check with your mom... lol