Heer Ranja - an SMU play

Zihah has kindly invited us to watch a FREE play at her school.

I've heard Zubair, Pak Arif and other pakistanis talked about Heer Ranjha and jumped at this opportunity of seeing the play and hence know what's the story's about. I even cancelled a FREE company dinner at Clarke Quay to go for this one. My rationale is, i'd rather do something FREE with the beloved husband than taking the FREE DINNER on my own. Kak Long tot i should have gone for the latter cos that doesnt come everyday and its pricier... oh well.. the things you do for your husband.. If they still dont appreciate us... well then they should certainly be SPANKED... HARD! hahahahah

Its a sit-on-the-floor and twist your neck around play as diff scenes were built around the audience.

That's the lovely couple, Heer and Ranjha

They met in a boat, when Ranjha sort of hitch hiked running away from his barren land.

The Evil uncle Kaidu found them out and told on them.

Heer was then married off to Saida bcos Ranjha was a mere shephard.

Ranjha sneaked back in thru the disguise of a Yogi. Sethi helped them escape.

Again, they were caught. and were brought to the King's court for judgement.

At first, they were sentenced to be set apart. Then they prayed hard. Heer said, "Let us be together or they wont live to be separated..." or something to that effect. Then thunderstorm hit the kingdom and alas, the King gave in and ordered the parents to form the marital rites.

The evil uncle wanted revenge and gave Heer to drink a poison laced wine. Ranjha took a sip and died too.

I enjoyed the whole play. That evil Uncle Kaidu, Heer's father and Sethi were the few outstanding actors on stage. The dances were nice (tho not in sync but that's to be expected) the stage was innovative bla bla bla... however, i thought that the couple did not have chemistry together and Heer seemed a bit too stiff and put on a monotonous and repetitive tone. like all lines she said in the same tone? Worse sometimes with the indian accent, me and zihah cldnt figure out what they said.

At least Zubair said, "i feet like i'm back in college." surrounded by indians/pakistanis and in a dark room for concert or the likes.

Truth be told, i dont like the story, actually. I mean c'mon Heer. You're married, albeit forcedly. But you've gotta move on, girl. There are lotsa of disappointments in life, but u gotta make the best of it. No point living in the past only to make urself suffer. i repeat, MAKE THE BEST OF IT lah.

And Ranjha. He bloody knew that Heer is now married and he still had the cheek to STEAL from what is rightfully Saida's. Shows just what kind of a man Ranjha is. IRRESPONSIBLE and UNCARING.

We took a photo with one of the casts. I forgot what's her name (actually there's a leaflet but i didnt bring it today). I thought she looked like one of Zubair's Aunties, Aunty Farzana? Saw her once on webcam.

It was just 8.30pm and we went to.. "chill".. Zubair wanted tea and Ziah pointed us to the right place. The place is sooo cool, they have lotsa games that u can borrow. We played Jengga first.

Ziah at it.

Zubair's concentrating

Me in all of tembamness / chubbiness

We tried to play other games too but it just wasnt as fun as Jengga. and Zubair so totally LOVE jengga. Well.. i think if he had taken some time to do other stuffs other than music, he would find that he'd love many other things too..

It was 9:30 then and Zihah wanted to go home cos she has an early day tmrw. I, obviously, wanted to go home too but i know Zubair would want to "jalan-jalan" or walk walk some more. So compromise is, we walked to Orchard MRT, some two stations away and board the train there. Just walk, enjoy the exercise and scenery but NO stopping. haha

Just paused long enough to take this photo:

The Two Golden Ladies.

Reached home just before 11pm. Nice. It's been kind of a long time since we've had such a nice, non-stressful, free date. hehe

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter Julissa

I would like to clear your concept about HEER RANJA so that you could understand the basic concept of HEER RANJA.

"Heer Ranjha (Punjabi: ਹੀਰ ਰਾਂਝਾ, ہیر رانجھا, hīr rāñjhā) is one of the four popular tragic romances of the Punjab. The other three are Mirza Sahiba, Sassi Punnun and Sohni Mahiwal. There are several poetic narrations of the story, the most famous being 'Heer' by Waris Shah (A relioguous poet)written in 1766. It tells the story of the love of Heer and her lover Ranjha. The other poetic narrations were written by Damodar Daas, Mukbaz and Ahmed Gujjar among others.

The invocation at the beginning
( The legends of the Panjab by RC Temple - Introduction by Kartar Singh Duggal published by Rupa and company – Volume two -Page 606 ) Rag Hir Ranjha

“ Abbal Naun Allah da lena :duja dos Muhammad Miran:
tija naun mat pita da lena , unha da chunga dudh sariran:
Chautha naun an pani da lena , jis khave man banhe dhiran :

Panjman naun Dharti Mata da lena ,:jis par kadam takiman:
Chhewan naun Khwaja Pir da lena,Jhul pilave thande niran :
Satwan naun Guru Gorakhnath de lena , patal puje bhojan :
Athwan naun lalanwale da lena, bande bande de tabaq janjiran

Firstly , I take the name of God ;secondly , of the Great Muhammad , the friend (of God):
Thirdly , I takethe name of father and mother , on whose milk my body throve:
Fourthly ,I take the name of bread and water , from eating which my heart is gladdened :
Fifthly I take the name of Mother Earth , on whom I place my feat .
Sixthly , I take the name of Khwaja (Khazir), the Saint , that gives me cold water to drink:
Seventhly , I take the name of Guru Gorakh(Nath)whom I worship with a platter of milk and rice :
Eightly , I take the name of Lalanwala (*1) that breaketh the bonds and the chains of the captives(*2)

Heer Saleti is an extremely beautiful woman, born into a wealthy Jatt family of the Sayyal clan. Ranjha (whose first name is Dheedo; Ranjha is the surname), also a Jatt, is the youngest of four brothers and lives in the village 'Takht Hazara' by the river Chenab. Being his father's favorite son, unlike his brothers who had to toil in the lands, he led a life of ease playing the flute ('Wanjhli'/'Bansuri'). After a quarrel with his brothers over land, Ranjha leaves home. In Waris Shah's version of the epic, it is said that Ranjha left his home because his brothers' wives refused to give him food. Eventually he arrives in Heer's village and falls in love with her. Heer offers Ranjha a job as caretaker of her father's cattle. She becomes mesmerised by the way Ranjha plays his flute and eventually falls in love with him. They meet each other secretly for many years until they are caught by Heer's jealous uncle, Kaido, and her parents Chuchak and Malki. Heer is forced by her family and the local priest or 'mullah' to marry another man called Saida Khera.

Ranjha is heartbroken. He is left to walk the quiet villages on his own until eventually he meets a 'Jogi' (ascetic). After meeting Baba Gorakhnath, the founder of the "Kanphata"(pierced ear) sect of ascetics('Jogis'), at 'Tilla Jogian' (the 'Hill of Ascetics', located 50 miles north of the historic town of Bhera, Sargodha District, Punjab (Pakistan)), Ranjha voluntarily becomes a Jogi, piercing his ears and renouncing the material world. Reciting the name of the Lord, "Alakh Niranjan", on his travels around the Punjab, he eventually finds the village where he is reunited with Heer.

The two return to Heer's village, where Heer's parents agree to their marriage. However, on the wedding day, Heer's jealous uncle Kaido poisons her food so that the wedding will not take place. Hearing this news, Ranjha rushes to aid Heer, but he is too late, as she has already eaten the poison and died. Brokenhearted once again, Ranjha takes the poisoned Laddu (sweet) which Heer has eaten and dies by her side.

Heer and Ranjha are buried in a Punjabi town in Pakistan called Jhang, Punjab. Lovers and others often pay visits to their mausoleum

Waris Shah's version
It is believed that the story of Heer and Ranjha had a happy ending but Waris Shah gave it the sad ending described above, thereby making it the legendary status it now enjoys. It is argued by Waris Shah in the beginning of his version that the story of Heer and Ranjha has a deeper connotation - the relentless quest of man humans) for God."

Your Mamooooo

Agha M. Ajmal

Jussaemon said...


Thank you Mamoo for your time and effort to give this comment.

Yeah, Zubair mentioned that it was not exactly the same as the original. When they had to somehow shorten the legend as they only had 45mins on stage!

But why did Heer's parents suddenly allow her to marry Ranjha? Did Saida die or something?

Anonymous said...

no saida is alive but HEER not willing to stay with him. So she always waited for Ranjah and when she got the chance to know about the whereabout of Ranjha she prefered to leave Saida and joind Ranja for good.

But here i would like to inform you that relationship between HEER and RANJA were modest one. They always struggle to convince their relative to allow them to marry. But Kaidu( The Uncle of Heer) did not like Ranja. He therefore succeeded to piosoned Heer.
My dear Daughter Heer and RANJHA has a great respect in the eyes of muslim community of Pakistani Region. They are therefor Called MAI HEER (RESPECTABLE MOTHER Heer) and Ranjha has a same status like Heer.

The auther (Waris Shaha)of this love story is also a Saint poet


Your Mamooo
Agha M. Ajmal

Jussaemon said...

Dear Mamoo,

I appreciate that Pakistanis think highly of Heer but i beg to differ.

I mean what's a married PERSON doing chasing another guy? Albeit or ESPECIALLY his or her EX. If Saida was still alive, that would mean Heer needed to get a divorce. and we know that Allah LOATHES divorce and that everytime it happens, His Arasy (throne) will shake in anger. and THEY are the cause of it!

I know i'm over analyzing it and that its just a tragic romantic legend that people want to hang on to but i just can't help it bcos i feel that it teaches the wrong values of a husband and wife relationship.

Maybe im just affected by it bcos im married now. Hee...

Anonymous said...

Dear daughter Julissa

first of all i would like to appreciate your thought about the relationship between husband and wife. i would like to clear you notion about Heer and Ranja and Saidu relation.

1- Marriage between Heer and Saidu was enforced by Heer Uncle Kaidu and Her Paranets against the willingness of Heer.The MOLVI(Prayer Leader) was bribed by Kaidu. So Even in Islam if women is not agree to marry a man whom she dont like she has a right to ask for divorce or can ask KHULA (a right of women to ask for divorce) through the state. Heer therefor asked the king of the state to seperate herself from Saidu.The king of the state granded Khula to Heer. Now i hope that you understand that Heer and Ranja were not wrong.

Here i would like to code my relationship with My wife. I would like to inform you that Shazee ( my wife) like me therefor she took stand for it and her parents had to accept it
same case of you and Zubair.

Hope you will understand the exact and true picture of Heer Ranja.


Your Mamoooo
Agha M. Ajmal

Jussaemon said...

ok that makes more sense if u put it that way. bcos Laa Ikraha fid deen. No forcing in religion.

anmol said...

Its gud 2 knw about the tragic love story.buh i'vealways had a question in my mind that 'why heer was/is called "HEER SALETI"??I would really appreciate if anyone could me the answer for this(actual truth).