Picture Treats: 2nd Day Raya!

Ok Great.. i've planned to blog all the previous days events today at work when i realise that I've uploaded all the pictures at home and deleted them from my hp! Silly me!

So i just gotta start from 2nd Day of Hari Raya...

By far, it's been the funnest day of Hari Raya, though we didnt visit much.

We or at least me and Zubair got to sleep late. hehe my uncles and aunties visited but we were in deep sleep! Then The Simei Peeps came, we got ready, took a hell lot of pictures then went out visiting.

Whole Family Picture

First house was one of Nek Busuk's house.

"Busuk" in Malay means Smelly. But in this case, it's just a nick name brought upon from calling her Busu which means youngest sibling. When i relayed this to Zubair, he asked me, "So where's Nek BUSuk?" He wanted to see and prolly testify that she really isn't busuk. Unfortunately, she is bedridden but i asked him to "salam"/greet her anyways.

This house at Marsiling Block 9 is soooooooooooooooooooooooo nicely renovated! The theme is wood BUT it doesnt make the house look small... just cosy....

The Girls

The Living Room

We we served Kuihs and F&N Orange

We wore PINK for 2nd day.

My dress is called Kebaya. His is Baju kurung with "samping" the sarong with patterns on it? He looks sooooooooo smart in Baju Kurung!

Zubair and Shafiee.

Such a pity Zubair can't ride yet... with no proper license and all.

2nd house is Nek (Grandma) Ena.

She is my maternal grandmother's youngest sister. She is just a few years older than my own mother, so she always asked us to call her CIK (Aunty) Ena instead.

Evidence that he is always ON the phone!

Everybody from Pakistan called him to wish him Eid Mubarik.

Some of the "kuih" from this house.

Clowning around.

If you notice, i put the songkok/cap/topi horizontally and then he made cross eyed.

The Samping Brothers

The ST collection Brothers

We went out almost 3pm. and it was already 5pm after only 2 houses. and yet they all didnt serve any heavy food and we were dead hungry having eaten NO bfast NOR lunch. we expected them to serve something other than the kuih.

And then with nobody else at home.. (they were all out visiting too prolly) we headed to.... ADam Road Food Court. We were quite doubtful if any of the muslim stalls opened that day being just 2nd Day of Eid and all but we gave it a shot.

Zubair got his mutton BRAIN soup!

Shafiee, after looking at that dish, got sour tongue and no appetite to eat!! and Apparently, only the indian muslim shops were opened. we speculated some reasons why they were opened:

  1. They dont have much relative here in Spore to visit

  2. They wanna reap HUGE profit w all the other Halal stalls closed

And to our surprise, they were quite a handful of other Malay family eating out too! Maybe they were tired of Ketupat and rendang or they too were not served heavy food! hahah

Now... nobody else were home right... so off we went to KKH (Kandang Kerbau hospital where about 90% of new Singaporeans are born)...

Why, you might ask, did we go to the hospital on hari Raya??

Because, we just got a NEW cousin! Aunty Kouri gave birth to Sarina Abdul Aziz on 12th Oct 07. That's one day after syifaa' and the very last day of Ramadhan!

and Sarina, in Japanese means Sun light! How cool is that!

Me and Baby matching colours too!

I'm VERY afraid of carrying newborns!!! I didnt even carry syifaa' when she was in the first 3 months or so... but Mak Ngah insisted that i should try. and i did and it was not as scary as i tot it would be! Was just they'd move and i'd lose grip of them!

Xubi with his Samping across his chest.

This is OLD village fashion.

Syifaa' and her "Aunty"

Er.. Xubi and his samping wearing creation

Xubi the Pharoah?

and we said goodbye to our Simei cousins... after stopping by the McDonalds at the hospital. i wanted fries and Zubair wanted something HOT (ie McSpicy!)

Thought we were going home, but we went to Abg Fai's uncle's house in Bukit Batok. So, back to Bukit batok we went.. and not regretfully because they cooked spaghetti!! accompanied with salad, fried rice and fried chicken. Super yummilicious!

I'm ashamed to say, we didnt take much picture. Just this:

Zubair, now playing w his songkok cos he took off his samping already.

and then it's good night. We reached home before 11pm. When we were kids, we used to go out as early as 10am and came home as late as 12 or even 1am! and could cover up to 10 houses in a day! Those were the days...

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