Pictures: 3rd Day Raya

After 2 full days of Visiting just 7 houses, me and Kak Long were NOT satisfied.

We still wanna eat KUIH Raya and look at pple's houses. hahah yes. I'm ashamed to admit those two were the reasons and motivations for me to follow my parents go visiting. It should be to build and maintain good relationship w friends and relatives. oh! additionally, this yr the reason is to intro my hubby to my relatives more closely too, to show him Singaporean houses and Malay kuihs and food stuffs.

Anyway, after work, we went to Aunty Roza's house in Marsiling/Woodlands.

Aunty Roza is wife of Uncle Ali who is my father's elder brother. See.. i know how they are related. hahaha i'll knock myself on the head if i dont know this one.

Aunty Roza is a SUPER creative person. Right now she is into BEADS. she makes bracelets, necklaces, watches, bags, tissue boxes and virtually ANYTHING from beads. She even conducts classes to teach HOW to do them.

Before that, she was into baking and taught baking classes too. She can sew curtain and just ANYTHING a demure housewife should be able to do.. just MORE creatively.

Our dinner

The red gravy is er... some kind of tomato + beef soup. On its left is BEEF SATAY without sticks and the next one is the peanut sauce that goes with Satay. Then coconut topping. Sambal Goreng (fried beef lung and heart and prawn). Ayah masak merah / Chicken cooked red and fried chicken parts/mempedal.

The Cookie spread

Aunty Roza made MOST of these 10 odd cookies... Her macaroons were quite decent, though not as fluffy as i'd like, at least the cornflakes were not stale!

From left: Uncle Ali, Ayah, Mummy and Aunty Roza!

I told Aunty Roza that Roza in Urdu means FASTING and ROZANA (her full name) means EVERYDAY. then she said there's also a meaning in Arabic but she's forgotten. Er... I dont know either :$

Zubair didnt follow us actually. He had an interview at Novena at 7pm. Dont ask me why so late bcos nowadays, i dont ask/interrogate him anymore. At 8 before we left, i asked where was he bcos i think we cld wait for him but he said its ok you go ahead. But at 9:30pm before we left Aunty Roza's place, he was still at the MERLION, City Hall.

I was SUPER pissed off i told him there's nothing to eat at home and let him find his own dinner despite knowing he hadnt any cash on him. PADAN MUKA. If u dont wanna go out with me without TELLING me, u arrange ur own meal.

Mummy, the Supervision Manager, asked me afterwards where was he then and how he would be coming back. I told her i dont know bcos im NOT gonna ask him anything. and Ayah agreed saying, "tau pergi tau balik lah." means if u you know how to go, u should know how to get back.

Anyways, second house is Cik Nora's place at... no surprise here.. Woodlands.

She and her daughters were my students for Iqra' before. I stopped teaching bcos i've had too many classes n cldnt handle them esp AFTER i got married.

Was trying to take Long taking the elders but she finished so fast or my hp too slow. haha.

BTW, the girls have grown so big and tall now esp Nina the 3rd one... Sighh they really wanted me to continue teaching them but i simply cldnt commit my time. I need some time to adjust and settle down first. haha

Today, i felt better bcos i talked to the hosts and took their pictures instead ourselves. But it was such a waste that we only went out at 8:15 and managed to cover only 2 houses. We shld go out like RIGHT after maghrib say... at 7:10. At that rate, we can cover 3 houses even if we stayed 1hr in each!

More pictures coming soon.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Taufiq Zainal said...

You spelled Ayam masak merah as AYAH masak merah... xD

Jussaemon said...

OMG! I really didnt notice that!!! (not that i proof read my entries..)

u must sooo have a SUPER HIGH IQ to have noticed that! hehe

Anybody else noticed before?