Bad News Re Flights to Pakistan!!!

Mummy just decided to call her part time employer today to book our tickets for December.

She called me and said, "Ca, Bad news! All seats taken for 15th dec on SQ! Thai Airways have but slightly higher economy one, ie not the cheapest. There's some available on 17th Dec but mummy say its a waste of TWO WEEKEND days esp for Ayah who has VERY limited annual leave.

PLUS, bcos me and Zubair are returning later than the rest, we cant enjoy the 4 pax or more discount!

then the Airport/Oil tax has increased!!

I was trying to explore other options:

  1. Other airlines like Pakistan Airline or MAS
  2. Fly to Karachi then shuttle to Lahore

On the latter, My aunty advised against it. something about having to stay a few days in Karachi.

So from what i tot was a 800 or max SGD900 per ticket AFTER tax, now has become SGD 1060. *faint*

Fortunately, our return ticket is confirmed. and Xubi, sorry u hafta return with me on 6th/7th bcos otherwise the ticket price will be even more expensive!!

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