Pictures: 4th Day Raya... Still visiting!

What? It's only 4th Day what... Should still go out and visit.

This time, i warned Zubair in advance that we were going out tonight and that he shldnt and CANNOT miss anymore visiting outing.

First Stop: Cik Zaini and Cik Mai's Place in Yishun

Cik Zaini is my mum's brother from the same father but not same mother. Cik Mai's his wife. They have 7 children! Masya'Allah! I read that on Average, Singaporean women give birth to 1.2 babies. SEVEN!!

My cousins in the kitchen preparing drinks for us. Even the boy helped out to count the heads! Sooo sweet... soo helpful..

From top: two kinds of marble cakes, Nona Manis / Sponge cake, Fruit Cake.

3 out of 4 girls out of 7 children. From left: Aisyah, Siti and Ijah.

I will forever remember how tiny Siti and Ijah were when they followed us to Jakarta... or was it Sarawak? or Penang? heheheh

Only 3 of Simei peeps were there and Yayan lived up the night very well with his jovial self. Always fun to have him around.

2nd House: Nek Long and Tok Long in Sembawang.

Nek Long was home alone but still a great host serving us with these:

Brown one is Beef rendang, Red one is Sambal (chilli) Prawn to eat with pulut (glutinous rice) or Ketupat.

Zubair had double extra helping with the prawn. Fair considering he doesnt taken Beef and he was eating Ayah's share. hehe After that, i told him to compliment nenek and say, "Udang sedap" means prawn delicious.

Do you have those washing hands pot in Pakistan?

Us at the balcony

The elders catching up with each other.

Kak Long sibuk lah. or again my hp shutter slow to snap... Check out the HUGE frame of Arabic Bismillah in Chinese calligraphy.

We didnt come home so late. 11pm.

Again, im quite happy with myself for having taken some initiative to talk some w the hosts. =)

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