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My first poll is about "Would you Spend $$ to call your EX colleague who is of opp gender who is married AND overseas."
4 voted maybe and 8 voted ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I've proven my point. So why are they still calling?? Ok, they prolly are not anymore, im sure... i dont track my husband anymore. I've decided NOT to check on it and therefore not to cause myself worry..
I told him one day that it's ironic how Pakistan is an islamic country but have liberal culture ie Girls can call guys, can go to concerts, alcohol uncontrollable, a lot dont fast etc... but Singapore a liberal country but with islamic culture ie How we ALL, or the VOTERS view girls calling married guys appalling, even the girls who DONT wear tudung FAST (Kak Long for examply) etc....
But then again, when i review the situation, i think it depends on the family we grew up in. In Singapore, there ARE muslim girls wearing tudung who smoke, there ARE malay gangsters who eat and drink publicly during Ramadhan. and in Pakistan, he said the brothers of a girl will beat any guy who dates her, and that wives absolutely DO NOT be friends with husband's friends, in fact they hafta wear full hijab (not just dupatta). I dont know.. i feel like that culture/tradition is diminishing esp amongst the growing middle class and upper class... Mamoo, what say you>?
"Is busking a charity?"
We have a tie at both extreme ends with 2 votes each. Neutral has 5 votes.
The extreme No says they are for fun or just like any other work, which sounds logical too.
My conclusion is that, we'll hafta judge (i know judging pple is not a good practice but its inevitable) by appearance whether they busk for fun (eg: able bodied men juggling or eating fires) or to find day to day food (eg: blind and disabled persons struggling to pluck the guitar, hum on the harmonica and ching the what-u-call-it all at the same time)
So there.

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