Smelly Apek in Bus 131

I always take bus 131 to my Dad's office. If i'm lucky i get the earlier bus, but normally, it's the 5:50pm bus.

And on this 5:50pm bus, there will ALWAYS be this crazy looking apek (Chinese uncle) boarding from the Fullerton bus stop, 2 stops away from mine.

He stinks of URINE, like he pees in his pants ALL the time! He looks like he hadnt had a shower in months! He hasnt clipped his nails and they looked dry, hard, chapped and peeling out from his fingers! Im not kidding! His hair might have never seen a comb before!

Sometimes, i'd be in deep sleep by then and didnt notice the smell. Most of the time he'd go way in to the back and the smell is very faint i'd just block it from my smelling radar. But two days ago, he freaking STOOD beside me while i was trapped sitting down! There were other seats around or more standing space behind but he didnt squeeze to the back! WHY WHYYY must he stood next to me?

He is not so tall. So imagine, in my sitting position, my nose is at about the same level as his crotch only 1/4 of a metre apart! Wah Piang eh!!

The girl sitting next to me on the inside was oblivious to it as she was sleeping. The man in front was squirming in his seat. The indian lady two rows in front of me kept looking back to confirm time and again that the smell really came from this dirty old man.

A few min later, i caught a whiff of AXE Medicated Oil. Butthe URINE smell overpowered it.

All the while, i was alternating between breathing thru my mouth (Imagine i was like EATING the URINE smell!!!); holding breath and releasing it slowly; pretending to rub my nose when actually was trying to catch a filtered breath; and trying NOT to think of the smell when i HAD to breath thru my nose. My lungs must have punctured.

I didnt know what to do. It'd be rude to move away from him. I'm too conscientious to do that to him. I wanted to get down at the next stop and catch the next one but it won't come till another 10 min and i cant afford that.

However, after some 10min in the bus WITH HIM NOT MOVING AN INCH AWAY FROM ME, I cldn't take it anymore. I called my father and said that I simply HAD to get down, could he pick me up from a bus stop earlier ie Tekkah bus stop? Luckily, Ayah was agreeable. and i sooo cldnt stand it anymore, i actually alighted 1 stop earlier than Tekkah and walked.

I wanted to take a photo of him but my nonsense k800i looks sooo much like a camera and a red light goes off just before each snap, i cant be discreet about it. so I tot i'd catch a video. There's still a red light flashing once but i started from INSIDE my bag and then slowly pulled it out and move about a little and even showed my distorted face.

And this is the result of the video:

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