Regretful Weekend...

I regret that the past weekend flew by just like that.

I intended to get some preparations done for Hari Raya bcos there's no more time as Hari Raya falls on a Sat! I thought of:

  1. Cleaning wardrobe/desk/bookcase/room
  2. Bring down curtains and hang new ones
  3. Make 2 kinds of kuih
  4. Help mummy with Ketupat

I only managed to do 20 pcs of ketupat the whole weekend! I'm so useless! No wonder my mum's pissed at me.

See, on Sat, I woke up at 1pm having slept late the previous night. Then i was feeling pissed = no mood. Kak Long not home = can't start making kuih. Mummy Ayah not home = the coconut leaves have not arrived. and it was hot = not comfortable to clean wardrobe.

I thought i would do the wardrobe at night when we can switch on the aircon, somehow i got distracted. Saw off Zubair at 9pm. He went to meet his friend to go to airport to confirm the next day's flight. Then i went about surfing, playing games, blogging bla bla bla...

Yeah BTW, i didnt sleep whole sat night (bcos i was scared the nightmares wld come). I passed the time playing Scrabulous on Facebook with Kak Long while watching Fanaa' (again) and while chatting with Pakistani friends and calling Zubair every 1 hour or so bcos i missed him so. And before i knew it it was 4:30am already!

Despite not having slept all night, i woke up at 10.30am. Anxious in anticipation of Zubair's return from seeing off his friend at the airport (flight at 12:30pm). I calculated that if the friend checks in at 10:30, then the journey thru bus is 1hr 15min, he would roughly be back by 12nn.

I passed time watching the last part of Fanaa' till 12nn... he's still not back. I took a shower, sorted out the room... 1pm He's still not back... I played some games to take my mind off the non-ticking clock... Mummy knocked on my door to ask to start the Ketupat, i said later. It was 2:30pm when he finally came home. And we didnt come out the room till iftar/ break fast bcos both of us havent slept much.

It was later, sensing that Mummy was upset at me, i managed to weave 20pcs of ketupat while talking to Zubair. It was a lovely night. I finally got my husband back after 3 torturing nights!! I hafta understand that this is a fellow neighbour who's visiting him and who might be able to help him find a job, so he had to entertain him rightly... But i thought that it was just a bit too much.

Anyways, that's over! I can finally sleep soundly. I love my Xubi.

PS: i hafta either make kuih as arranged with Kak Long tonight or clean wardrobe or Both!

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