Picture Story - Swensen's

Kak Lily was craving for Swensen's Ice Cream on wednesday night. He asked us along but i told her we can't go as we need to save. Then she offered to pay for 1 ice cream for me and Zubair to share.


Me and Him

He was reminiscing how this is the first restaurant we went to on our first date on our first meeting. And i clearly remembered which table we sat!

First and Second Sister

Kak Long and Kak Lily

Juhanna and Julianna.

Mummy and ayah were also there, unfortunately we were so engrossed taking our own pictures we forgot to take theirs!

Kak Lily and Syifaa'

Orange Sherbet and Double Chocolate or something i can't remember. Mummy's and Ayah's ice creams.

Afterwards, we went to cold storage for some grocery shopping.

Syifaa' was sitting on the shopping cart looking on to BBQ chicken.

GERAM!!!! (i dont know how to translate Geram. I told to Zubair it means something like u are sooo cute/irritating/ i want to pinch/punch you hehehe)

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

I really dig that pic of Syifaa'!!!

Jussaemon said...

yeah dig real deep. HAHAHHA

Ashley said...

I was the one taking that pic! LOL

But really, she's a doll!

Taufiq Zainal said...

Ahh!!! Syifaa'!!!! GERAM! hahahaha

Miss her! <3