Process of Making Ketupat

We've learnt how to weave the ketupat in the previous entry , here's how to prepare it.

Use beras hancur (Hmmm literally means broken rice? hahah) or beras cina (chinese rice). Wash and fill just up to 1/4 into each ketupat. You can slide open the opening slits at the head, fill in with rice, close the slit back and tuck the head into the next slot. hahah im not sure if u can imagine it without having the real thing in front of you. but this is just for the sake of explaining it lah.

This is the cauldron and gas stove i use. It can fit about 500+ pcs of medium sized ketupats.

Boil water in this cauldron while still filling in the rice bcos it takes some time to boil large amount of water.

Add Pandan leaves and salt. carefully placed the ketupat inside boiling water.

After 6 hours or so, the leaves will turn brown and the rice cooked.

Pick them up and hang to dry.

To serve, slice them horizontally or the cross section and peel. Should look something like this:

Last photo courtesy of Pahang Delights . Forgot to take the opened one hehe.

Once upon a time, my mum had hopes that i'd take over the business of ketupat... But looking at how tired and stressed we all are every year, and the meagre earnings... i think not, thank you but no. I'll stick to the instant one or just make 50 for my own family in the future.

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8 glasses of Juice:

narny said...

You know what... your mom's ketupat is the best of the lot that we had... the rest got 'sticky' after a 2 days!! Plus Faris love them so much he ate it just like that!!!

Jussaemon said...

heheh Thanks! But i think this year's lot a bit too hard. i like it softer.

and it gets sticky if u cook any less than 6 hours!

Wah so good u can eat it on its own eh? Power!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a side dish that goes with satay? This must surely be due to my ignorance -- but I've never heard of people eating ketupat with anything else.

Jussaemon said...


In satay, yeah it looks like a side dish... but bcos ketupat is made of RICE, it is considered like our staple food also.. can eat with ALL sorts of gravy... but mostly with rendang.

Kawichic said...

My husband and I love Asian food when we visit Malaysia or Singapore we just can't get enough but I haven't come across Ketupat yet. Is it traditional served with other foods on food stalls and restaurants?

Jussaemon said...

Hi Kawichic

Ketupat normally surfaces during the festive season namely Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji.

But it also comes with satay, which i believe u must have eaten before..

Now, fortunately or Unfortunately, these rice cakes have taken a modern form... in plastic.. so u cant really see the Ketupat shape anymore... but the basics are still there...

Kawichic said...

Hi OK that makes sense. Yes I have had it with Satay but it's never wrapped. It does go really well with Satay though.
Hmm typical everything comes in plastic these days and Hong Kong is just the worst it's everywhere. So much for a Greener planet.

Jussaemon said...

heheh yeah, supposed to serve them unwrapped. I WANT SATAYYYYYYYYYY on sticks!! hehe

Yup i heard HOng Kong very stressful city. They walk the fastest in the world or maybe second!