Slimming Ambition Renewed!!

The last time i had achieved more than 5kg weight loss is towards end of 2006 when i went thru the slimming prog using machines and hot wrap nearby my office. That costed me $399 for twice a week 4 or 6 months i cant remember. I even get to pay in two installments!

It's been about a year since and i've reached my "original" weight. Am still thankful considering many others who go up by double their original BEFORE treatment weight. But with the Pakistan wedding fast approaching in just 2 months, I shldn't waste no time in losing weight. And esp bcos Zubair commented last night that my tummy is bigger now! HUMPH!!!

So, I went to Raffles Medical to get my sinus prescription, as the same time wanna ask for slimming pills. Unfortunately, the doctor said that slimming pills wont be covered by the company contrary to what i was led to believe by the previous doctor.

Anyways, this indian lady doctor explained that there are 3 types of prescription pills:

  1. Rectubil or something that makes you feel full faster. priced at $150/mth

  2. Another that gives u oily stools prolly priced at $100 but she said this isnt suitable for me

  3. Phentermine that suppresses appetite @ $20+/mth

When i gasped super loudly at the mention of $150, she said, "ok lah i give u Phentermine. But i hafta warn you that it may cause depression bcos it suppresses u down and max u can take is for 6months. We dont have the stock here, so i'll write a prescription for you for 2 months, but u can buy 2 weeks first see if it suits you. dont waste money."

"Actually, if you just eat ur Bfast, Lunch and Dinner with no extras like dessert or what, just water and the occasional cake in between, u shldnt be gaining any weight."

I asked, "Even if we eat fried stuffs?"

Doctor, "Even if u eat fried stuffs. bcos we eat w rice and all, right. how much of fried stuffs can we take?"

In my heart, "hmmmm a lot?"

Doctor, "So if in between meals u feel hungry.. dont eat FRIES lah... that is gone case... a simple tea will do."

I nodded vigorously in agreement, remembering my golden (read: slimmest) years when i didnt feel like eating lunch after school bcos i drank a glass of rose syrup prior to that.

Doctor, "So you hafta exercise regularly... even if u take slimming pills but no exercise no point"

Me, "Yeah, i'm going to start going to the gym, that my company sponsored, again."

Doctor, "Ok good good. You can wait outside, i'll get the nurse to record your current weight."

I was surprised actually. I tot my weight would be more especially about 4 days of feasting and a BK lunch... but it is the same as the time i weighed 1.5months ago on a VERY EMPTY stomach.

So.. I get a pill prescription without having to pay consultation fee! Haha... *wink*

Wish me luck you guys.

For some reminiscing purposes.. My slim years as follows:

1999 - I went to a camp in Gunung Ledang and came back with EXTREME diarrhoea and then the loss of appetite (rose syrup as above). I was BELOW 50kg!!!

2002 - I started going to the gym (PPIS for muslimahs only) for the first time. Despite the oily meals after gym, i managed to come back down to 52kg

2005 - I bought slimming prog at Sensualite, now known as London Weight Management. I had to go thru the steam room, the pricking machine, the HOT blanket, the Sticky masks, meal replacement drinks (YUCKS) and all that. After 6 months and almost 2k the best i could do was 55.

2006 - Another similar slimming prog, the one near my office i mentioned earlier. MUCH cheaper. Looks dubious but i assure you its exactly the same prog as Sensualite. I managed to go down to 55 again but somehow im not convinced it has worked bcos normally it doesnt work the 2nd time, just like it didnt when i re-enrolled gym. But compare these pictures:

3 pictures of Bangkok trip in Dec 06:

Two nights ago:

I could pose easily without worrying of looking chubby or having double chin. I could wear skirts with shirts above the hips with darts comfortably...I was sooo happy back then but now... sigh... i cant even self-snap pictures bcos it'd be soooo freaking ugly! God, please give me those years back, thank you.

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10 glasses of Juice:

sharifah said...

why yr current face so bengkak? dun give up, keep on trying ok

Jussaemon said...

hahah swollen eh!!!

Well its bcos of the angle of the camera, the way i was sitting and the freaking blouse that bloats up when i sit.

Its one of the worst pictures just to make a ghastly comparison from Dec 06. haha

Anonymous said...

Salaam Caca, Zaheedah (Kak Adik) here...

been reading your blog, interesting and hilarious :) well written too.

anyway, phentermines, which i suspect the brand you were prescribed was duromine, have too many side effects. usually they are prescribed to those with BMI way above 30, and I doubt yours is that high.

it may give palpitations of the heart, and yes, depression, haywired menstrual cycles, and if you are hoping of conceiving soon, phentermines may disrupt your plans.

Just to share..

exercise is good enough... increases metabolism, and you won't lose muscles in the process.

more importantly, enjoy the wedding! :)

Jussaemon said...

Kak Adik!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhh reading on the sly ehhhhh. Since when sey?
(nasib baik didnt comment anything abt ur bro when i wrote abt "Night of a Million Deeds" heheh)

i didnt know my blog is interesting and hilarious. bcos i only ever got lectures from Zubair saying, "Everything also u wanna tell the world. Why dont u tell them how u berak/pass motion?" Nonsense! i replied, "Good idea!"

Anyway, yeah my BMI 27 i think she said ideal is 23/24?

OH nooo haywired menses? i just hope this time they wont come at all! Easy! haha

Dont worry, like the doctor suggested, i will buy 2 weeks supply first.. and see how it goes. hope i wont get all those side effects cos i've tried Lustre Slim also before.

OMG! I've tried almost EVERYTHING to get slim but to no avail! haha

AzRaNan said...

Haha, Jus, I have to go with Zubair on this one:

"bcos i only ever got lectures from Zubair saying, "Everything also u wanna tell the world. Why dont u tell them how u berak/pass motion?" Nonsense! i replied, "Good idea!""

Zubair has a BIG point!

Dirah Ali said...

jus, i think it is the side effect of the family planning esp for injection. basically when the hormones changes, our metobolism also changes.

Jussaemon said...


Yup and the point is he doesnt want pple to know he's up to NO good! hahaha

But really im holding back a lot actually.

Jussaemon said...


Yeah i DID get side effects on my period after the jab like i told u before.

Now that its back to normal, im hoping with the beginning of this slimming pills, it wont disrupt the schedule again. Or even if it makes it "Haywire", let it be that it doesnt come at all!

Anonymous said...

Lol, was there some mentioning of my bro? didn't notice...

ur entries are highly descriptive.. ever thought of going into journalism? :) u never know...


Jussaemon said...

Yeah i mentioned him in passing that he presented the guests with plans for the Tahfiz centre bla bla bla..

Actually i used to be even MORE LOng winded and wrote in even MORe details. Lately, i've been straight to the point. so much so sometimes i forgot to write a few that i intended to pen down.

(see.. im getting long winded now)

In that entry, i wanted to say i hope ur bro didnt notice/recognise me so paisei lah being a drop out student! haha and that i was hoping to catch Kak Nurul somewhere around.

Journalism? I've given it some thoughts. Hmmm my english is not THAT good lah.. and it'd be like writing GP all over again. with even TIGHTER deadline.

But i AM thinking of blogging professionally. or ... writing a book... Let's see..