Visiting Neighbour's House

You might have seen in the comments thread, the difficulty to meet with a neighbour! heheh

But suddenly, they called us over Tues night. and we were served with these:

Fried Macaroni, Tofu salad w hot peanut sauce and fried chicken (marinated with Hmmm black pepper and....... what eh kak Is? Forgot already what u told me! hahaha how to cook sey like this.)

Syifaa' was introduced to new toys. Trucks and blocks. Boy's toys. no pun intended! HAHAh

Syifaa' always crawl while dragging something under her palm... but she was super delighted when she got the truck bcos they have wheels and she can drag them easily!

Unfortunately, we had to witness her desperate effort to pass motion (luckily, we've already eaten hehehe). She's been having constipation and despite putting bullets into her, giving plum juice and some other medications for the past 2 months or so, she's still having problem. A few hours before that nothing came out from her "pushes" except for blood. :(

The Paedatrician said, she's now afraid to pass motion and tried to suppress the feeling whenever she gets it. and its no wonder she's phobic now bcos they are blood down there!

U hafta see her... Her face will turn red and her expression like, god Forbid, dying. mummy will help to press on her tummy in the hope it will bring them down. (doubt its scientifically effective though) and after she had finally pushed it out, she will be "lesu" ... pale with lethargy?

My Poor baby Syifaa'. Please dont be afraid to shit, ok? and drink more water. Oh Allah please make her better. Ameen

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9 glasses of Juice:

ibu aisyah said...

more prune juice perhaps? if she's eating solid food particularly brown rice, cut down those and dont give her bananas. bananas harden the stool.

i know how her mum must have felt cos aisyah's constipated at least once when she was a baby. hate that pained look. putting bullets in a baby might make the baby to refuse pushing out the poop too. mebbe bring her to another paed for 2nd opinion?

Jussaemon said...

It started when we began to feed her with Nestle's bubur/porridge?

When she hasnt had rice. only biscuits and fruits.

And we tot bananas make u wanna go toilet? maybe for adults and not for infants is it?

Hmmm prolly going back to the same paed for better medicine or.. dont know lah my sister.. lemme ask

Sandra said...

Many children go through this. It is a struggle no doubt. It hurts to poop, so they hold it in, making stool harder, so will hurt to poop! Vicious cycle. It is also the one thing small children can control. Also avoid cheese as well as bananas.

Funny: I had never heard the term "passing motion" as pooping. I asked my sister the nurse and she had never heard it either. Now when I hear in a meeting, if someone wants to get a motion passed, I will probably pass a motion laughing so hard!

narny said...

Ca...the recipe is just black pepper & oyster sauce lah!! Thats all.. a lazy's bum answer to fried chicken.. lol

Jussaemon said...

My sis is very strict re her daughter's diet.. no real food just yet... only those baby biscuits and fruits.. still this happen. wait... maybe its the biscuit??

Oh no! Really? but thats the "polite" way to say shit. Maybe its British style? we ARE a confused nation mixed with British and American ideals and styles. like rationalise and rationalize.

"if someone wants to get a motion passed, I will probably pass a motion laughing so hard!"

ok now im laughing so hard i wanna go to the toilet!! hahahahah so funny lah you. (lah is Singapore slang that doesnt really mean anything just to soften the words)

Jussaemon said...

oh yes oyster that is!

ibu aisyah said...

Syifaa's 1 rite? Why baby biscuits and fruits only? Cos i thought by 6months, she can eat real food like fish (kurau, cod or salmon), chikin and meat (pureed). Yah...biscuits can be the cause of constipation. If she's drinking formula milk, dilute the milk with a bit more water (5-10ml) cos formula milk tends to be heaty.

bananas harden the stool..that's what 2 of the paeds told us...same goes for adults. can direct your sister to can do a search on constipation under baby and toddler section. many2 mummies there to share useful information.

Jussaemon said...

Yup just turned 1 on eve of Hari Raya.

oh yeah i forgot, my mum also cooked porridge for her with some fish n vege. she eats a lot of biscuits!!! no wonder!! prolly she started the biscuits about the same time as the nestle rice cereal. Prolly THAT"s the cause!

It's a new revelation to me about bananas. our family has always associated it as aid to the bowels. and we've been feeding syifaa' that.. sometimes she can eat one whole big piece (mashed w spoon of cos)!

Thanks, Kak Yammy! I already told my sister to check the sites out.

Thank God for Blog.

ibu aisyah said...

we didnt know too so i read up a lil on the net. docs even recommend to eat them when we have diarrhoea. funny hor. heh.

thank god for the internet.