Handphones are not safe with me!

My first ever hanphone was a $0 Nokia if u sign up a second line back in late 2000. My mum bought it for me and took the contract under her name. I dont remember the model no but it was SOO ugly with antenna, not even COLOUR.

Less than 6 months after that, I had a conflict with my mum. Basically, she doesnt like my then BF and prohibited us from talking to each other again. I got fed up, i didnt wanna pay ANY of the bills, and i got myself another phone.

This time, my bday has passed and i had turned 18 and am able to sign my own contract. and i bought a Siemens (can't remember model no colour also) under Starhub. Siemens were crap back then! Always faulty always acting up, even my father's and my cousin's Siemens were not healthy.

After much complaining and heartaches, I got a this Nokia 8310:

I'm quite sure my then BF paid half of it if not full.. I LOVE this Phone! It's so.... beautiful... the buttons are nice, the curves sleek, it lighted up beautifully. the BEST phone ever!

I got a lovely bag for it which i always hold in my hand. One day, i was at China Square with my parents when i realise my phone's not with me! I think i left it at the water fountain when we rested awhile. When we ran back to that spot, it's gone!

I reported the phone lost and got a $100 voucher (off full price) to buy a new phone. and I got this Nokia 3530:

No, i dont LOVe the phone. but i was defensive when pple say that the keypad's weird! Bcos after awhile i got used to it.

And then Nokia 3200 was released and i soooo wanted it!

My subscription plan wasnt exipring anytime soon. So my then BF bought it for me from HIS contract renewal as a birthday present on top on the $300 cash he gave me earlier to get it myself. haha

Yup, the keypad is STILL weird... but i like it... i suppose it reminded me of my precious 8310. *Whimper*

And then, my contract ended, was given $100 voucher (off recontract price) to buy a new handset! I grabbed the chance to buy the best HP in the market at that time. After intensive research, i settled for Sony Ericsson S700i.

It must have been somewhere early 2005... It's bulky and everything but has got the best feature that at time before the better models came out. I wanted a Clam shell phone but nothing on the market interest me. It IS bulky.. but its durable. and i like Sony Ericsson user interface and additional softwares.

And then 1.5yr went by, it's time to renew contract and buy yet another phone with the $100 voucher they give. I bought Sony Ericsson's K800i at $159 after $100 voucher and $100 trade-in of s700i.

i simply LOVE the 3.2 MP camera!!!... But i notice that i often accidentally press the Internet button. for s700i, the button was under the screen so u WONT accidentally press it unless u dont close the swivel thingy.

But this k800i is also unstable,

  1. will suddenly go on screen saver,
  2. will pop out alpha numeric buttons,
  3. very slow to save contacts and many more.
  4. Having flash doesn't help the pictures, it worsens them!

Less than 6 months of acquiring this precious, lovely thing, i managed to lose a hp yet again!

I think i lost when i was getting down from the car to work bcos it was on my lap? can't find it. Regret not having reported it to the police, else i might have a chance of retrieving it back if somebody tries to sell it. So, i bought another USED k800i at $420. and i tell u the condition of that phone is better than mine! hahahah

And then, u can refer to this post for my future phone!!! hehehe

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Mampos.. I didn't realise you changed mobile like you changed your clothes!

Jussaemon said...

Eh Hello! I change my clothes everyday OK! Not once a year! HAHAHAHAH

ibu aisyah said...

Thats a lot of fones! The k800i is my 5th hp in my entire 28yrs of life....hehe. Btw i tink saving contacts is slow onli if u save in ur sim card...and i nvr use flash in any i expect the flash on my k800i to be crappy as well. Hehe.

Jussaemon said...

Oh yeah i forgot you're using k800i also!

I see i see... but need to save in sim card cos the software n my hp cant seem to communicate w each other to upload contacts.

yup i hate flash. im glad u, the professional photographer, approve. =)