211007 - 9th Day of Eid

Yup, We are still visiting on 9th Day. In fact, all Singaporeans are.

First Stop, my cousin Kak Lina's house at Choa Chu Kang.

What she served us.

Not in any order: Rice, Sambal Goreng, Fish in Green Chilli gravy, omelette, fish crackers.

The cookie spread. I LOVE sarang semut / Ant's house (?). Actually its just vanilla flavoured biscuits with chocolate rice on top. hehe

Kak Lina bought this 2nd Christofori's Piano at SGD 800!! What a steal! Zubair was being "Auditioned" while i admired on... hehe.. i have the video but its too big to upload from office. Afraid i'd get detected and blogger will be blocked for internet hogging.

My nieces Rashika and Erika.

Dancing to Mann song in the background.

Next stop: Mak Ngah's house at..... SIMEIIIIIIII

Syifaa' amused by the fishes

Syifaa's Aunty Sarina (Pronounced: Salina) is here.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for Mak Ngah who especially cooked a small pot of mutton steak for Zubair despite Nur and most of the rest not eating MUTTON at all. but she made a BIG pot of beef steak lah.

But by 4pm, Zubair was tired already. (We went out at 12:15pm) and even took a nap.

Third House is Cik Esah's house back in Tampines, at the same block where i used to live for the first 18yrs of my life.

Zubair was so bored.. he had to do something

On to Hanani's Place . She served us with Satay, samosa, cream puff, mee siam goreng. OMG, ALL ARE MY FAV!!!!!! I'm soooooooo soooooooooo sad we only stayed like 30min when we stayed like more than 1hr at other places! HUMPH! So not fair! Sorry Nan. really wanted to stay longer.

From left: Nan, Zan, Xubi, Jus, Ziah, Khairiah.

Alas, Azma and Fir were busy and not in picture. Sorry babe.

Next was Abg Izhar's house... AGAIN. this time with the whole family. They cooked Mee Siam, also from our stock... but i ate to show respect. PLUS the fried chicken was nice.

Next still was Nek Ngah's house at Bukit Merah / Red Hill.

She was serving Mee Rebus... i tot, NOOOOOOOO i CANT see the sight of MEE REBUS EVER AGAIN!!! She called us to the kitchen many many times but we all excused ourselves.. till when Ayah went to eat, Zubair also went to take a serving and i saw that there's udang and the gravy is a bit reddish. and i helped myself to a plate also and NO REGRETS!!!... wait maybe just regretted a bit that i didnt take MORE PRAWNS!!! Zubair loved it too, of course.

And er... i have this young uncle who's er... looking for a wife. and Ayah asked me to recommend one of my friends!!! When i suggested somebody, then he eagerly asked me what is she like and everything... God.. i was sooo puking inside... I got caught in such a "weird" and "uncomfortable" situation. Yikes!

Then Nek Ngah was trying to interview Zubair in Malay and me the interpreter. Then she said something like, "But u havent gained weight eh!?" I said, "WHAT!!! Oh yes he has!! 10 kg at that!" Nek Ngah, "Really? Can't see it. You lah who has gained weight. you got something inside?" #@%#$^%$&^%&#$%@#$@#$@

I got sooooooo freaking pissed off but i smiled at the lovely Nenek. Of course, she's not to be blamed. I know ive gained weight but the thing that irked me was she cldnt see that ZUBAIR's the one who's grown 120%!! But then many others have noticed it... so i dont feel so bad. hahah

Ok ok... the 7th and absolutely LAST house for the day: Cik Ita's house.

Thing is, Cik Ita has been such an angel as to lend us one of her CARS. Yup... she has 3 altogether, an MPV, a Chevrolet Aveo and a company car. and they weren't going out anyways and get this... she LENT IT TO US FOR FREE!!! And when we went to her house to send the car back, Cik Adi even offerred to send us home, despite it being 11.35pm! They're very generous lah. I Thank god for such good family.

Yes yes i know im getting more tembam-er / chubbier by the minute!

Well.. how not to? You know what they served? Cream of CHicken Soup and spaghetti and grapes and tea... OH GOd! *slaps tummy*

I made a resolution that night to GO TO THE GYM the next day.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

So.... Did you go to the gym?

Jussaemon said...

I did. it was sooo refreshing!! It'd be nicer if i had brought my ear piece along and get to listen to some fast music to walk with.

I plan to go the gym every Mon, Tues, and fri.. then fast on Weds and Thurs... (but cant start this week as that time of the month is here already) then plus the pills (which im going to get tonight) im on the roll honey! hahhaa