The best way to SHop!

It's the new way to bid for the things you have been eyeing for. Get this: The LOWEST but UNIQUE bidder wins!!!

In the event that there's NO lowest unique bidder, they will pick the earliest bidder from the lower bidding group.

The things are brand new. Minimum bid is $0.01.

The only downside is, each bid will incur a processing fee in the region of $1 - $3... and i dont think they show other bidders' amount.

But the products that are up for auction are just about the things you need! ok... WANT. hahaha

I'm definitely going for the PSP... and maybe iPod for Zubair. OH yes a watch for him too... and Spa would be nice... not to mention a heavily discounted shopping spree! Oh no... I'm going crazy!

Oh 26th October, 3pm. Please come soon! I wanna bid now!!!

Funny i'm writing about this for FREE! Humph!

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Free advertisement eh? lol

Still, they won't give u anything for free... and OY! save your dosh!!!

Jussaemon said...

I mean like other bloggers are doing PAID advertorials and im doing it for free...

Alah if less than $1 for a PSP... who DONT WANT sey! But then if EVERYBODY has this concept... it'd be diff to get also and the processing fee burnt like that!

Anonymous said...

I think that it's like "berjudi".
gambling like that, isn't it? tikam-tikam.

Jussaemon said...

Yeah i suppose...

I really dont wanna play it anymore.

waste time. waste money. End up they'd prolly earn more than the value of the item from the bids.