Before & After Raya Pictures

It's a Wednesday night, also the 5th Day of Syawal/Eid/Hari Raya.

Fortunately, my uncles, aunties and cousins said they wanted to come that means WE are not going out visiting. Quite tired after going out every night.

So.. i took this opportunity to post some Before & After pictures of the House.

Dining Area leading towards Bedrooms..

Obviously, BEFORE


The raised balcony / sitting Area



3 pairs of the married cousins from father side.

The Door towards Living Area



The elders talking and the kids playing...

Well? What do you think? Did we make a good job of cleaning the cluttered house?

On late Fri afternoon, Kak Isnarny, our neighbour, saw we were still cleaning the house. Well we started at 2:30pm that day! She said she's already finished her spring cleaning. With the Ketupat "factory" production, we can only start cleaning on the very eve of EID ie AFTER Ketupats processes are finished...

Plus we are also mighty lazy hehehe every year without fail, my mother has to scream and shout at us to get us moving... some years, she even had to resort to "sulking" in the room. Hope we'll get better at it with our own house and prolly much smaller one = easier cleaning.

So those are the results of frantic cleaning for 4 hours on that eve. haha

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nur said...

hahah... tau takpe u lazy bum!!! hehe..... slamat hari raye maaf zahir batin.....:P

Jussaemon said...

hahaha apology accepted. But hafta make it up...

help to iron my clothes! hahaha

narny said...

heheheh we finished early pasal we started a week before! So you all kira terror la finish in 1 day! ahaahahaha

Jussaemon said...

yeah i wish we could start early also...

Terror ke hape... stressed ah! hehe we end up SUPEr tired the next day which will in turn result in us waking up late and going out late for visiting. Not to mention can't go out to Geylang or what bcos we havent finished cleaning. :( so not fair!)