Our not so Happening Weekend.

Sat, 25th Sept 10.

After a short 1hr nap, we went out at 2pm for my cousin's engagement. Tufeil played with the other kids, mostly alone though.

T was delighted to observe the hamster

Afterwards, we went to Cik Adi's house. Coincidentally, met up with Simei gang too! Here, T ate bits and pieces of Mee Soto while running around playing with the water fountain and some cooking toys.

We spent maghrib visiting Tok Lan. At 84, he looks very frail in just skin and bones. But he still seemed to be able to talk, albeit not much. Tufeil pooped here. But luckily, the actual houseowners are not home as yet and I managed to make myself at home. haha Oh and there's a cat too!! T was soooo happy to see it but he didn't dare come too close despite my stroking it continuously. Well actly Ayah, his Atok also told him not to touch it lah lest he got scratched again.

Last house was Sarina's the Half Jap cousin. Unfortunately, T was asleep for the first half hour we were there. When he woke up, he joined the girls playing with the toy kitchen and sushi sets. =)

Sun, 26th Sept 2010.

It was nice lazing around at home. When T came back at 2.30pm, we just lied on the carpet on the floor, let him nurse while watching TV and dozed for a bit. But even after almost an hour like that, he wldnt fall asleep.

At 4pm, my tummy was grumbling and I asked T, "You want to eat? Ok let's get dressed and go to Sameer Bhai's house for dinner." I felt so happy going out with him alone without stroller, just the two of us holding hands walking to the sidewalk to flag a cab. It was a cute scene for me.

It was a good thing I was still undecided to go or not cause when I eventually reached there at 5.30pm, the crowd at Nisa's place was just thinning and we got all the attention.

To warm up, Sameer showed T his toys in the room

Notice that T is wearing yet another Shalwar Kameez from Pakistan. I think size is the same as the others, look at the folds I made.
Tufeil kept going outside to look at the bird and whatever. Sameer was kind enough to entertain T.

"I'll catch you, Sameer Bhai!"

"Mummy, Help me!"

"Mummy, Look I CAN play by the stairs"

T ate a few mouthfuls of rice and chicken every now and again. It was, as usual, diff to get him to sit down and eat. But at least, I could eat semi-peacefully. I still come out every few min to check on him.
Highlight of the day:

Nisa's homemade suji totally matched my outfit! LOL!

The hostess and me
with a joker behind us.

Waited till after Maghrib to make my way home. Didn't get to meet Fara and/or Sue. Didn't go thru with my intention to take the direct bus home. Don wanna risk a cranky baby in the bus, nor do i wanna carry him all thru the 5min walk home if he falls asleep. So the cab again it is. For the record, it was about $12 one way. Okaylah just occasionally.

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