Tufeil the Host

Wed, 22nd Sept 10

In the evening, Ash's ex colleagues came over for Hari Raya. Nurrul, whom I also know, brought her two kids. I've been looking forward for them to come to see how Tufeil will interact with them.

Here's how:

"Kakak, this is where you turn on the stove"
"Baby, this is where you turn the ignition key"

9month old Fadhli (I hope i got the spelling right)

The cute part was when they first arrived, Tufeil was sooo excited he kept saying "Mummy, Baby" so many times. He didn't mind I held Fadhli at all. Such a sweet boy, T, you are.

Afterwards, the kakak found the real treasures in my room. This part is a bit diff to handle cause the kakak knows how to play with the puzzle. T, he just knew how to break the pieces apart and throw them around. The Kakak got angry lor and I didn't know how to let them play tog. The best I could do was to give T another toy to play.

It was nice having baby guests to come. 9.30pm came very fast with them playing, i don hafta feel guilty about leaving him in front of the TV. hahahaha

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