Tufeil's Future.

I think we couldn't help ourselves and speculate what Tufeil would be when he grew up. And we based our insight on his interests as of now. Just some of the professions that we've come up with:

  1. Chef - Duhhh he kept playing pretend-cook. This is from ME
  2. Artiste - This is from my Aunty who was amazed Tufeil cld see the abstract Fish painting i mentioned just recently.
  3. Pilot - This is from my Dad who is amused by Tufeil's fascination of airplanes.
  4. Drummer - Out of all his musical playthings, he loves the drummer the best. This is ALLL ME cos even when he was still in tummy I told him I will send him for drumming lessons. heheheh
  5. Football Player - He can't really go a day without playing with one of his balls. Now he knows how to kick with his legs too! There was once that he even slept with it still in his hands.

In retrospect, I wonder what MY parents think I would be when I grew up and I wonder if i had disappointed them. I mean after all i'm just an Underwriting Executive, nothing special.

But I do remember, i was caught on video singing along at the cassette player as young as 5 years of age. I also remember I sang along to Dad's cassette Rahimah Rahim, Smurf CDs any kinda song we had I would've memorised. While I didn't actually become a singer (thank God - my parents must be relieved), it remained the Biggest interest of my life. I got scolded plenty of time by mum for singing so loudly. No mic necessary.

So what I'm saying is, I shouldn't be disappointed if Tufeil didn't become any of those aspirations we have for him. For as long as he's a filial son, a practising Muslim, Orang Yang Berguna (a useful person???), I'm satisfied.

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3 glasses of Juice:

renuka said...

Hi Jus.. I read your blog quite often... Yr little one is growing so fast ... Seems he was just born... He looks as handsome as your hubby. .. U guys make a sweet family...!!!

Jussaemon said...

Hi Thanks Renuka. Well sometimes i feel he grows so fast.. but when he still wakes up at night i wished he would grow faster and be an independent sleeper. haha Of cos i need to teach / guide him to become one and i just donno how!

Renuka said...

Hi Jus.. Dont worry he will grow before u know it. My son is 3 and daughter is 2 and its like they want to do things by themselves ... My kids can sleep by themselves but I have to sit beside them till they knock out and then I have to carry my daughter and put her into her cot. I used to think that when they were babies it was too much work and it will be easier as they grow older. But I am realising that as they grow older the work load on us is growing as well.
Just relax and enjoy him being a baby .... Uff mine have grown up too fast..