Tufeil The Busy Bee on Sat

18th Sept 2010.

Syifaa' stayed over at our place the previous night. At noon, we went to the lift lobby area to play with the Bubble Gun i just bought the night before.

Syifaa' was more adept at shooting them than I was! Blah.

But cause she was short, the bubbles hit the ground quickly. So my dad did the most brilliant thing, he waved the bubbles upwards right infront of the blower and ...

WHOOSH the bubbles became like snow.

Go on. Pop one, Tufeil.

After a 3 hour nap, Tufeil woke up fresh to go out Eid visiting.
First house was my cousin's. Their new house is just LOVELY! Very strange shape that I've never seen before. Obviously i'm so swaku (country bumpkin?).

The funny thing is, the moment Tufeil reached the house, he saw the Singkong Keju (cheese tapioca cracker) and attacked it first. He had like maybe 10-15 sticks!!! Halved the container he did! So embarassing lor. He was after carrying the GLASS container and passing it to an adult to open it. And the hosts haven't even 'jemput' (invited) to eat yet. Most house always like that one he.

And then another blushing moment is he ate the grapes non-stop also. Cried when I said No more, went over to the bowl and asked another guests for it until my aunt gave him the whole bunch! Aiyooo...

Hmmm I didnt manage to take pictures by my cousin took ours. Hopefully he's uploaded them somewhere already.

Next, the guys stopped by at Makmur Mosque and onwards to Cik Zaini's house in Yishun. This is where we met Ash and her Cathay group of friends. Thank God, he allowed one of my cousins to carry him but only because she gave him some plain yellow noodle to eat. But at least, I did manage to steal a moment to enjoy the cookies. hah.

Then, Mummy dropped me at Fara's house while they go to another relative's house. I was sad that I was late and cldn't catch with the rest of the SWPH gang namely Sue and Nisa. Just after 10m of my arrival, Nisa left. Not to mention that I had to wash Tufeil's soiled bum. The ruckus he kicked up at that was.... indescribable!

The birthday Girl & sister - Shaheen & Wusqa respectively.

Here, Tufeil ate very little rice preferring the sausage instead and ate one whole piece! Arghhh!! Seems he's all into finger foods lately as it's the easiest thing he could feed himself.

Oh! He also managed to spill a cup! Alamakkk malu nye. I wish I had more hands to stop him, you know. Lucky didn't hit the carpet. 2 years back at Fara's old house also I felt guilty for playing balloon with Shaheen until it tipped over a glass of red drink.

After we said our goodbyes, I braced myself for what's coming next. Walking about 1 bus stop away to my friend Y's open house with a baby in my arms, as well as my handbag, his koala bag and a paper bag of cloth from Pakistan Sue gave. Almost caved in to a cab ride but too hot to wait around for one. Silly me didn't think about taking the bus! But to my surprise, it was really really very near! Just cross one traffic light and we're golden.

We arranged to meet with the rest of the 11 Best friends at around 8.30. It was almost 9pm when i reached but i was still the first to arrive!

The guests next to us sharing the same table entertained Tufeil for a bit. Tufeil ate some jelly, just tiny morsels of rice. Again he was not very interested which is very strange cos he's - like Ash put it - very much a MAT (malay guy) preferring rice over anything else. Even the heavenly delicious chicken satay couldn't entice him. Instead....

He played with some unknown kids.

I think this is the first time T really played with kids his age. Running around laughing for nothing. It was cute to watch. But I was in a tight schedule, wanted to eat more, feed him more, talk to my friends or let him play with my friends' kids. No Go. Everytime I managed to extract him back to our table at the other end by the lure of papaya, he would demand to be let down again to join the other toddlers.

And somewhere in between all these, Tufeil overturned yet another cup of drink. ARGHHH PULL HAIR!! It was not really a great night for me. I was uncomfortable in my purple dress because the buttons kept coming off. And my WHITE tudung was really messy with some lipstick stains, POOP stains (washed and wet). Arms were aching from carrying him for so long.

I was sooo relieved when Mummy came to pick us up. But at the same time, sad tt I had to leave my friends whom I hadn't got to talk much to, and the dear Satay that I havent got acquainted with very much. LOL.

Reached home like 10? and after shower and everytime, T crashed at almost 11pm.
What a night! I soothed myself watching some online TV till almost 1am which is a mistake... (to be continued)

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6 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

At least T had a great time playing with the other kids.

Jussaemon said...

Yah that's a joyous moment. But can you imagine my mood after his taik terkena my tudung? AIYOOO

The 6 of Us said...

The 'drinks-tipping/spilling' events is so very common & to be expected, if I had to pull my hair each time one of my 4 kids tipped/spilled drinks, I would be more than bald now hahaha! So I think all moms would understand if it happens (but not those who don't have kids yet!)

Jussaemon said...

Oklah klw tak pull hair pun still embarassed and guilty kan? Esp klw kena carpet. So far i've been lucky.

Anonymous said...

dont be too hard on yourself..everybody are first time parents...and will learn along the way..seriously dont make it sound as if u are that bad...i am sure you have been a good mother to tufeil...and insya allah u will be a better mother with experience :)

Jussaemon said...

Thanks Anonymous. I guess I have a passion for dramatic writing. Not by lying tho. :P