GirlFriends' Iftar

Fri 27th Aug 2010.

The 11 BestFriends planned to gather at 'Azma's place that friday for our annual iftar together. Luckily, Ayah was on leave that day and my parents brought Tufeil, picked me up and sent me to Tampines.

As a result, we were the first to arrive at 6.15pm. (Iftar's not until an hour later.)

Tufeil was being entertained by one of the hostess many nieces and nephews.

But the one pictured is the one who played with Tufeil the most. She even carried him everywhere. I'm guessing she's about... 7 yo?

For the family here, they all broke fast with a sip of drink and some dates and proceeded to pray first. It's a very good habit which I'm sad to report I don't practice, usually.

Only half an hour later did any of my other friends turn up. We were missing 3 pple. One in Melbourne, another in Jakarta and the last stuck at work at our school. Kesiannn (poor her).

I brought Canadian Pizza (obviously i didn't have time to cook as i havent even got home yet!). The others brought among others: Golden pillow (Zi & Hid) and KFC (Y). Home made food were: Pita with Breaded chicken & tomato filling ('Ainul), Fried Tom Yam noodle (Hairiah), Choc Cake (Khairiah), Secret family recipe Jelly dessert (Fit).

Needless to say, Tufeil sampled ALL the food. Well, except the Tom Yam noodle which was super duper hot. But super nice.

There were a few minutes of eating in peace, while at another moment, I had to constantly be on guard lest Tufeil strikes the newborn baby, or spill the cup or whatever you know? But overall, it was a pleasant night. I even got to talk a bit with my friends. hahaha I donno how the rest do it. I hafta let loose and just let Tufeil be more often. I'm just so scared he'd do something dangerous. Not to mention that I feel I need to send more time playing with him.

Although mostly, the kids just watch TV.

The Newborn was soooo content lying there alone.

So good! But he had a lot of pple wanting to carry him so the mother of 2 could eat peacefully.

This kid here, he LOVES this squeaky chair.

He plopped himself up and down so many times, even after having sat on his own toes once! Luckily I was an arm's length away and rescued him immediately. Now Tufeil? He didn't know or was scared to sit himself properly on the chair so it didnt give off any sound. Maybe I should get him one anyways.

The general view of Kids in Play

Tufeil mesti nak main masak2!
(Tufeil always pick out the miniature cooking toys!)

Patriotic brother. I think he's the most well-spoken boy. And extremely well behaved. Tengoklah siapa mak dia~

Awwww Simply The adorable One.

I told my parents that its ok I could go home by cab. But ayah insisted to pick me up Thank God. lol. Cos I lived the furthest away, I was the first one to go at 9.30pm. Besides, it was wayyyy past Tufeil's bedtime *wink*

Next meet up: 3rd October for Eid visiting. Yayyyyy (But i really fear I won't have a good time if I hafta keep watch every second. bah!)

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