Tufeil and HFMD

I noticed red spots ard his mouth last night n showed mum. She tot its just food allergy but when we think back, no new foods were introduced.

This morning i went to work as usual but at 10am mum called saying d dots have made sudden appearance all over his arms. I tried to hang on to a sliver of hope that its not Hand Food Mouth Disease cos maybe ARMS is not equal to hands and tt he has no fever.

Nonetheless i took urgent leave from work to take him to the paediatrician.

Well.. What can i say? Even the nurse at the counter confirmed it. He's given 3 types of meds anti fungal x 2 and runny nose. Yah his cooties are all over d place.

Doc told baby to stay home till sunday. The rashes will go away by itself. To give cold food. Not to force him to eat if he doesnt wantto. I asked if my baby is ij any danger. Doc replied no as long as he's active, tts gd. But look out for constant vomitting, listlessness an diarrheoa.

At home, while hes still active as ever, he did vomit out all his meds tho only once n seem disinterested in food. I checked some info online n basically we just hafta wait it out. :(

We had plans to go to JB this sun. Hopefully he wldve recovered by then.

Syafakallah Tufeil.

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