2nd Day Raya 2010

Sat, 11th Sept 2010.

As is customary of late, the first weekend of Hari Raya, my mum's siblings from her dad's will come visit us. And today is that day.

We took that opportunity to invite my Tunisian friend, Zeineb too. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures from my phone with her.

There were so many people once the group came. Also quite a number of children. However, Tufeil, at first, played on his own, until the ball came out and the boys were playing and he joined in. So much so that he wanted to go out to the lift lobby to play! Embarrassed to report that Ayah had to rein him in instead of his own mother. But the good thing was, there were so many eyes looking out for him while i do the task of being Assistant Hostess. haha

When the Simei gang came, it was more a relief. We all went out together after 2pm. We walked to sis house two blocks behind.

I insisted that Zei followed us.

Tufeil the Operator

His Samping (some sort of skirt) now stays put around his waist after mum sewn a tighter hook on.

Ben & Jus

Zei called my Japanese Aunty the Blue Family.

Zei left after this as she had promised to go to our other colleague's house.
Actually mine and Tufeil's outfit colours matched exactly. But not very visible in terrible iPhone picture. I much prefer this Baju kurung of Tufeil's than the previous day's one because this fits him quite nicely while the red one looked slightly bigger and thus seemed baggy and unkempt on him.

Here, Tufeil drank Bird's nest drink and ate some pineapple tarts.

It was going to 4pm and Tufeil still hadn't had a nap in 6hours! I tried to nurse him to sleep here but he was very distracted. So that, even tho the drive to the next house was short, he was fast asleep in 5min in the car.

And therefore, I didn't have any pictures taken at Nek Long's house cause I had Tufeil in my arms. I barely moved from the sofa until he woke abt 20min after. Oh Great. He's gonna be a cranky baby.

I don't know how he picked his food but he kept insisting on the Popiah kecik! (small spring roll filled with spicy shrimp floss) And shrieked when I wldn't give him. So i had to resort to biting the corners with not much filling, break them to pieces and from my mouth to my hand to his mouth I fed him. Since young I thought this was disgusting but I had no choice!!!

He was still restless somehow. And suddenly we remembered "He must be hungry!" The non-spicy noodle just ran out and mum tried to give him some ketupat with rendang I don't know spicy or tough or not. He did manage to eat a little.

Onwards, it was to Simeiiiii...

Tufeil was fascinated by the fishes but content on looking from afar.

He also found joy jumping on the sofa led by Kakak Syifaa'

Peekabooing with me too

Here, Tufeil insisted on some kerepek pisang (banana crisps). Seems like this boy is into savory snacks just like his mummy =) But thankfully he didn't touch too many glasses. Syifaa' managed to spill one though but we managed to rescue the drink before it reached the carpet.

From the east, we went all the way west to Bukit Batok. On the way, i realised that Tufeil had pooped! Oh Great. I was wishing that I could just change him at home cause I hate going to other people's toilet. Now I had to give him a full SHOWER! Nonetheless, the needful had to be done. But not before...

1. Climbing 4 flights of stairs with a 10kg baby in arms while being careful not to press against his bums lest all the poo sticks or worse rides up the diaper! LOL

2. Tufeil crying to be let to play with a cat in the corridor. No chance of him being scared of cats after being scratched. But he did maintain his distance, that's for sure.

I didnt take any pictures because truthfully, I was so knackered after all these I couldn't be bothered. Plus the house was sooo romantically dimmed, iPhone camera has no chance of shining.

It was prolly 9pm and we were hungry. I realised that I hadn't had a proper meal since... 10 hours ago. At the one house that offered some food, I was frozen on the seat with a sleeping baby. We decided to go somewhere for dinner. However, most of the 24hr Muslim restaurants are closed for Eid as well and the usual halal establishments are closed for the night. So we settled for... McDonalds. I realised Tufeil hadn't eaten much either. So he had Nuggets meal - 2.5pcs. Did i tell u he LOVEEE fries just like his mummy? hee hee heee....
We slept close to 11pm!
PS: I had to render my Cousin Nur's help to remember where else did we go that day. Bcos my phone only had pictures from my sister's house. I left my phone in the car when we were at Simei and used Ash's phone to take pictures. But it scared me so that I cldnt for the life of me remember. It was like a totally black out. Thank god for photos and blog. Must write while the memory still serves me.

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