3rd Day Raya 2010

Sun, 12th Sept 2010

We were out and about by 12nn. Tufeil had a good breakfast before going out, so I wouldn't worry much about his next meal till later.

First house was my Aunty Roza and Uncle Ali just a few blocks away but we drove there. Aunty is a very talented and creative person.

She made this BEAUTIFUL fondant icing of a traditional Kebaya shirt shape

This is her selection of cookies - beautifully laid out

And this. This is Tufeil my baby wearing a deep pink Shalwar Kameez sewn by his paternal grandma.

It is slightly big - but that can be tackled as he grows or we just folded the sleeves and pants. However, he got a bit uncomfortable with the Mandarin collar neck. It was way too tight. We had to leave the first button undone.


We tried to feed him some bread with chicken curry but he fast grew disinterested. I tried to nurse him to sleep, but it was too hot. Only after Syifaa' came did his face light up. Oh and today I was also armed with The Talking Tom Cat iPhone app.

Next house was somewhere in Bukit Merah about 30min away. So yes, Tufeil slept in the car and I had to carry him up to Nek Ngah's house.

I held him for a whole hour.

We all know by now that we can't put Tufeil down on a bed. He would instantly wake up! Best bet is to just continue holding him.

When I got tired of just looking at other people eating the delicious prawn Mee Rebus, the hostess' signature dish, I decided to try put him on the bed. If he sleeps good, but if he wakes up Fine 1hr nap is good and others who have finished eating can help to mind him. No prizes to guess which way it turned out! He let a mighty wail out. It took awhile to console him and then 2nd sis carried him out to the corridor to play.

After he had calmed down, he came in and ate some fruit cake that i pinched and fed him and then also a whole banana. I'm relieved that he's had a somewhat healthy if not proper meal. I'm pretty sure he would be a happy baby from here on out.

Next House was Nek Milah's in Pasir Ris.

The customary photo at the void deck.

Can you see how matching our dresses are?

Kids playing with the small baby chairs.

Sarina and Syifaa's turn

All 3 of them now.

Enough playing. It's time to eat!

Tufeil's face looked weird cause he was chewing.

Tufeil discovered some delicious potato chips

I was sooo surprised at how tekun (focused) he was sitting and eating his crisps. He even managed to personally finish a whole fruit cake holding it in his hands and bite after bite after bite. He didn't put it down once. Don't mind my amazement but I think this is a real achievement! A milestone if you will. He didn't even glance at the glasses. Granted, he did topple the containers but only for trying to twist them open. =)

Another thing I'm curious about is also how he picked out the same food over 3 days in different houses. How does he tell it's the same one or that he would like it?

OK let's burn some energy and play some more!

With their feet together, I told Tufeil to tickle Sarina and she got mighty angry! Oops Sorry!

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