Tufeil Beraya di Kampung

Title translated to: Tufeil Spent Eid at Village

Tuesday 14th Sept.

Ayah took leave to go to errr Pontian, Johor (i think?) with his brothers to visit from relatives there. I couldn't take leave to follow or take care of T cause I just took two days the week before, so my parents had to bring him along - much to my mum's distress. Sorry!

I felt guilty too cause Ayah would be busy entertaining Tufeil, he won't get to catch up much with the family and that would defeat the purpose? I hope he hadn't been too much trouble.

"Are these diamonds on the ground, Atok?"

"Bye Atok, I wanna cross that Golden Bridge"

My my! He does look all grown up in this pic!

Well he didn't reach home till 7.30pm! I came home first and baby-less for about an hour. This is very RARE indeed! I savoured the moment by showering quickly and eating dinner in front of the computer watching Hell's Kitchen. I even managed to clean up my room a bit.

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