Lazy Sunday

19th Sept 10

Despite the lateeeee night last night, Tufeil woke up bright and early at 8am. I cldn't open my eyes, i just sent him out to the living room and crashed back on the bed. 30min later, I was awoken saying my parents had to get ready to go out. I played with him in the room hoping he would wanna get back to sleep. No chance.

I finally got around to give him a shower and breakfast (1 hour) and then watched cartoon for a bit. I was psyching myself, "I can stay awake for a few more minutes. I will get ready at 11am and go out to Library."

At the same time, I lied flat on my back on the carpet in front of the TV and *snap* Tufeil asked for his susu (milk). Then i fell asleep and he did too. We - anak beranak (mother & son) - slept on the carpet for 1.5hr. SHIOK.

At noon, he woke up and we went out for lunch at Cafe Galilee!!! Weehoo been a long time since I last ate there. Hungry liao. Bfast for him was just cheese on raisin bread.

The seat is sooo comfy he looks dreamy
Usually he would sit on the high chair. But today he insisted to sit on this comfy sofa. And I was sooo amazed at how obedient he sat there for a whole hour, waiting for me to feed him. He only inched towards the edge to get down a couple of times. Then I propped him back up and fed him some more and he was ok. Of course, iPhone apps and YouTube helped to keep him still.
Afterwards, we went upstairs to the children section and again, Tufeil hooked up with random toddlers and played.

He insisted on conquering the Green Boy's Ball.
So cute when the green boy saw T played with his ball, he took it back and put in his mother's bag. Skali this Tufeil went to ask for the ball from that lady. Actually it was more like he just moved to grab it. Aiyooo..
The girl in front of T is 19months and her name is Aisyah but she's not Malay. I cldn't place the accent and I forgot to ask which country they are from. Maybe Thai / Myanmar.. somewhere there.
The other girl in the background in front of the red mushroom is only 11months and she's walking already!! Her mother wears the hijab and till today i'm still wondering where they are from.
Afterwards, we went to Tom & Stephanie, and Fair Price to buy groceries. Total we took 2.5hrs. Fuh. It was almost 3pm and the weather was hot and sleep-inducing. T's eyes were already drooping on the walk home. He napped for 1.5hr. I took the chance to cook Beef Meatloaf - my second time. It turned out better than the last.
At night, it was another trying moment to get him to sleep. I guess the total 3hr nap didn't help. HAHA. 10.30pm before i managed to get off him.

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