Happy Children's Day

I haven't written much this week. Seems like I have a writer's block. Either that or it's just dull this week and also a bit swamped at work when two people came back from holiday and started clearing their To-Dos to me.

Anyways, we got cupcakes at work yesterday in honour of Children's Day!

Cute, aren't they??

Since I'm in the committee, I recommended Fyda's Bakeries who I ordered from for Tufeil's birthday earlier this year. We ordered 400pcs @ $1.40 (10 cent off for bulk order).

SEDAPP!! (Delicious). Not toooooo sweet, just right. Call Fyda @ 9487 4740 if you wanna order.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

I want!!!!!!!!

Jussaemon said...

takleh. Satu Tufeil nye satu aku nye. :P

Ashley said...


Aku pun nak order byk2 and distribute to colleagues for my birthday lah... hahahahahahahahahahaahaha.