First Day Raya 2010

Fri, 10th Sept 10

From a week before, I had been feeling nervous looking forward to this whole day spent visiting. Because I know my baby will get cranky when he's not fully rested. Let's see how the day unfolds..

We went out close to 12nn. First house: My sister's mother-in-law's house. There was a birthday cake to celebrate a 1st Syawal baby - The boy in green next to the girl in pink.

oh look! There's a conductor orchestrating the birthday song and cake cutting. hahaha

Conductor eats cake.

Conductor now asleep while waiting for the guys to come back from Friday Prayer.

Yes he got scratched by a cat just the day before. He peered too close to that black stray cat!

Syifaa' & Ash

Tufeil managed to sleep for just 20min before i was assigned to drive to the next house a few blocks away and Mum carried him and he woke up when mum called for Syifaa' right at his ear. Aiyoooo

He ate some chicken & grapes. He stood on the chair and one of my bums shared sitting next to him while trying to feed him. When he got bored he played with some wires. I had to pause mid-mouthful to stop him from toppling a vase, etc. Oh he also managed to get Syifaa' to cry when he threw my handphone that accidentally hit her toe =( Mayhem i tell ya!

Second house is My Dad's eldest bro. No pictures from this house but Tufeil were quite the center of attraction entertaining the great-aunts of his antics: belting out animal names and their noises, shouting "ADAM!!!" (my dad's name) and pointing to an abstract painting and saying "fish" when we cldn't figure out what it was.

Afterwards, he played with the newborn baby. I had to constantly eye him lest he hit the baby or something. Already i managed to offend the mother when Tufeil kissed the baby's forehead and splashed drool all over. (Don't know why Tufeil is still salivating. Hmmm)

And then he was playing with a bottle when the cap came off and marbles spilled out. I told him to "Put inside" then he took one and put in HIS MOUTH!!! OH MY GOD THE PANIC! I tried to pry open his mouth but he wldn't open then he spewed it out on his own. What a relief!!!!

Third House: Maternal Grandpa's.
This is where we congregate with the Simei Gang.

Ben & Jerry's Ash and the assorted cookies

This is my favourite photo!
Made me look small and Tufeil was still but unfortunately cldn't capture our matching outfits.
His songkok (cap) didn't last 10 second on his head. While his samping (some sort of skirt - refer to first picture) only lasted one house because it was too loose it kept coming down.

Yayy now my cousins could entertain him while i get to eat some cookies.

He was content on his own as well.

Syifaa' & Aunty Noll
When some pple were departing, Tufeil decided he wanted to go out too and threw a right tantrum fit when he wasn't allowed! At such instance, I had to "turn off" a switch in my brain and not sweat it.

Uncle Ben managed to somehow get him back inside.
Then i lured him up the stairs much to his sudden delight and to a toy haven - the girls' room.

He played with the kitchen toy mostly and a cuddly bear. And we found a car he could sit in and paddle. He loves that! *hint hint at Aunty Titi*

Tufeil didn't eat anything. Hmmm

4th House: My Brother-in-law's Uncle who happens to be my grandpa's best friend.

Tufeil was asleep from the car. I carried him up to his house. But when we reached there, i resigned to the fact tt T's nap will be interrupted yet again cos there were so many people there and they were being quite loud by T's standards.

When he woke he went into a tantrum again. I almost gave up but luckily, Ly stepped in and entertained him for a bit.

As well as fed him. Ohhh the boy was hungry!

Horror of horrors was Tufeil pooped for the 3rd time!!! OMG the DREAD at washing him at a stranger's house with so many guests around. What to do...

Next House is Allah's house at Boon Lay.

Prostrating @ Asy-syakirin Mosque.

I decided that I love this mosque for its clean toilet, spacious and fully carpeted prayer area and lift access, etc.

He got this Deer-caught-in-headlights expression.
Thank God he cldn't pull away the books from shelves as they were heavy.

Last house: Maternal Grandma's @ Toa Payoh.

This year, nothing "eventful" happened here. Just the usual. The half-Indian cousins are all grown up! The younger one can speak more Malay now. And Tufeil ate a few mouthfuls of rice. But mostly he demanded for the extremely HOT popiah. When i said no he got really angry!

Sarina the Half-Japanese cousin

Tufeil & Atok.
T camaflouged by the cushions.

Here, Tufeil was very naughty it was embarassing! He wanted to touch alllll the glasses and knocked down some containers and managed to spill a cup of drink. He didn't wreck much havoc at previous houses.

So my cousin Hamzah distracted him with this iPhone application the Talking Tom Cat to which Tufeil laughedddd and laugheddd and laughed. He was soooo amused I had to get one myself!

Here, i showered him and dressed him in pyjamas so when we reach home at 10.30pm, he could sleep straight away.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

what a happening first day of Eid for u and Tufeil! Oh btw Eid Mubarak! catch up with u gals soon!

Jussaemon said...

Lol.. More like Chaotic.

Yes see you this sat at Fara's?