Things I Wanna Buy Come PayDay

My pocket is sooooooooooooooooo dry right now I barely have money for lunch.

Payday won't be till Monday. So it was a HUGEEEE relief when I remembered I have this sort of secret account. It's actually my Study loan account and they make us contribute $10/m into a savings account. and it's been 4 months since i last drew it out so i have $40. Weee Alhamdulillah.

Here's the list of things I wanna buy when I have the money:

  1. CalciYum yogurt for Tufeil
  2. HL Choc milk for me
  3. Crayola or colour pencil
  4. Drawing Block
  5. Some story books for Tufeil
  6. Some toys that Happygrub's girl has
  7. I need to get him more bodysuits. Most of the ones he have are from 6-9months and the collar is stretched down so loww I'm scared it'll him cold at night.

Well i say this for the past 4 months without actually buying any except for the food stuff. Everytime after paying the bill etc I find I don't have much to spare. =( Maybe it was because of Hari Raya prep But i know i also indulged in food. *guilty grin*

I solemnly resolve to strike off some from the list next week.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Farhan said...

We didn't buy most of the toys.. there were all gifts.

Toys are generally very expensive and I will only buy it if its an open ended toy and can last a variety of years. For eg, a piece of colourful cloth is much more useful that a dress up princess costume as there are many ways to play with a piece of cloth including draping over furniture to make a cosy hiding place etc.

I also buy cheap stuff with many functions eg plastic straws which are colourful, they are great texturally and can be used as construction material for crafts when they're bigger

I also bought ice cream sticks for same purpose.

I think if I had a limited amt of money, I would only invest in books and blocks.

The rest of it-- make something out of nothing! They get so tired of store bought toys anyway!

Jussaemon said...

Maybe the theory goes like this: The more expensive the toy, the less interested they get. hahahah

Problem is i'm not so creative with things like straws and ice cream sticks. I donno how to let T play with them. He doesn't know how to colour them yet..

He already has blocks but he doesnt know how to play with it... just throw them around. AIyooo More on this soon.