Islamic Restaurant in Tg Pgr

Fri, 24th Sept 2010.

Ash and I went to check out the indian restaurant INSIDE Cheers @ CPF Building. It's actually called Islamic Restaurant.

Order / Food counter

Chappati Set $4.80

Tandoori Chicken Set $5.50

Menu 1

Menu 2
We thought that it's affordable and defly cheaper than other Indian Briyani shop. It tasted nice too.
The only downside is the limited seating area. We were happy tho to observe quite a few "regular" customers by the friendly way they greeted one another. We hope that this restaurant will last long here.
Why do i always feel sleepy after eating Indian food/briyani though?
Nah... I think it's the late night I had last night watching Desperate Housewives. I know I'm sooooooo behind. I'm only at Season 1 Epi 5. Can't wait to go home tonight and watch some more!

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