Mummy's Bedroom Walk of Shame

I feel guilty that I don't give him any pillows for bed. It's just that I nurse him lying down on the bed, so it's diff if his head is on the pillow. Besides, he keeps twisting and turning flipping back and forth, even if there were a pillow to begin with, he would have tossed it aside by then.

But am i denying my baby comfort in his sleep?

I'm not sure whether to cover him with the comforter or not either. After I turn off the aircon, my room always feel so stuffy tt I'm scared the huge comforter would give him discomfort. But usually ur body temperaute will decrease when u sleep that I'm afraid he would wake up cause he's so cold?

I've given up covering him with his baby blanket cos he always managed to toss it aside in his mid sleep.

Also lately, I've been soooooooo lazy to even make my bed. Sometimes Tufeil would sleep till AFTER I go to work. How to clean? But during the times that T woke up earlier, i would always be in a rush to get ready to work that I had to abandon the room in chaos!

And then by the time i reached home from work, it's almost bedtime, Why should I make the bed when we're gonna sleep in it in 2hr's time? PLUS i SOOO hate to make the bed now that its pushed to the wall. CUMBERSOME!

A week would go till my bed gets some shaking up by our Aunty who came to clean.

Granted, I do RAINBOW my bed once every 2 weeks. I hope that's some consolation?

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

trust me there are many ppl who dun make our beds every morning! I'm all for unmade beds :D unmade bed zindabad!

Jussaemon said...

OMG! Thank god I'm not the only one.