Tues, 21st Sept 10.

I got my mum to do overtime cause I went to our Rec Club's Movie night.

The Night Chronicles: Devil

We, as Rec Club member, hafta vote which movie we wanted to watch. Devil won by a mere 1 point against Wall Street. I'm Soooo happy my choice won! At first I thought it was another Resident Evil and almost didn't opt for that!

I was apprehensive going into the cinema cause Ash the movie buff said some of her friends said it was boring. But I wouldn't be moved. And at the end of the show, I was very happy indeed. I screamed at certain parts. It felt nice letting out your fear like that.

Anymore the movie is more a thriller than a ghost story. I DON'T watch GHOST stories. I totally understood all the plots bla bla bla.... except for one part. *SPOILER*

If the Devil is in the same car in the accident costing the Detective's wife's life, why couldn't he recognise her?!?!?!?!

The best part of the movie though is that we ALL got free popcorn/nachos/hot dog + drink. Then, there were 10pax who didn't turn up so we cashed them all so we got extra.

When we had it at GV last year, only half of our patrons got the free popcorn and cannot change to anything else. So even tho Shaw looks so old and weary, its cheaper and makes pple happier. LOL.

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