Zei's Sent Off

Tues, 21st Sept 2010.

It was very sudden when my Tunisian friend told me she was going home for good that night. I was hoping she could come with us to the Movie Night before she leaves but alas...

Her flight was at 1am and she wanted to be at the airport at 11pm. When mum heard this, she said let's go to the airport to send her. So from Orchard, I took the train home only to be picked up at the station for the drive eastwards.

While waiting for parents to come, Zei called me to ask where I was, if we were making our way already. I couldn't really make out what she was trying to say but she seemed in distress so there's only one conclusion, "Oh do you mean you need our help to pick you up?" Affirmative. Earlier in the day I had already asked her if she needed help but she said her friends will be there.

It was 10pm when we reached her place. It was quite a feat taking down her luggages and fitting them into the boot of the car. If we had known earlier, we could have cleared some space. We even had to stop by the petrol station to pump up some air for the tyres afterwards to be on the safe side cos it seemed "melendut" (lame?) with the dead weight.

It was 11pm when we finally arrived at the airport.

Tufeil fell asleep in the car and thank god he didn't wake when we transferred him to the stroller where he remained blisfully unaware of the chaos for the next 1.5hr

We met our other colleague there. She's also like a mother figure and she's my closest Malay friend I have here. It was great meeting her there and we got to catch up since I don't always get to talk to her.

At the counter, the officer told Zei that one suitcase can't be more than 30kg. Her biggest one was 34kg. But he would allow 2kg allowance but she still had to transfer 2kg somewhere else.

"Is jeans 1kg?"

*Humph* Zip *humph**humph**humph* Zip *phew~*

She queued again at the next counter. This time around, Mummy seeing the Mat manning it said, "Let me try to help you to check in your 2nd luggage." The Mat was sooo nice she let her checked it in without additional charges. He understood that Zei is a student and going back to her country after a year attachment in Singapore. She was sooooo relieved she said, "Selamat Hari Raya" to the guy. LOL

But the chaos was still not over yet.

Her "Handbags". 4 in total.

The Late Night Crew minus one in stroller behind the cam.

Hope the bear accompanied her well in the flight. LOL

Zei was sooo grateful my mum helped her with all that.. I mean.. Can you imagine lugging 4 handbags and a 15kg trolley luggage? ALONE? I certainly can't do. At first she said she could manage maybe by enlisting some help from other passengers or what but mum insisted she should at least try to ask the Mat and said that that's the least she could do since she didn't have time to buy her any "souvenir". She had planned to buy her a telekung (prayer dress).

After waving her off, we went for "supper" at Polar Puff. On the way there, Tufeil woke up. Like he knew we were gonna eat. hahaha. I couldn't be bothered to nurse him back to sleep but instead, fed him a whole sausage. (He cried when I tried giving him anything else)

It was past 1.30am when we finally reached home! By the time I got T to sleep, and me showered and everything, I had a splitting headache and got MC the next day. *wink*

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