Rare Night Alone

Friday. 17th Sept 10.

Mum brought Tufeil out Eid visiting. It is SUPER DUPER RARE that I get the night off. But Mum was kind enough to bring him out since Syifaa' are also there so they can play.

I took the opportunity to go out shopping for some stuffs I've been meaning to buy for T. Only went Causeway Point though.

Bought for Tufeil:

  1. 7pcs of 18 - 24months short sleeved bodysuits @ $42 from MotherCare
  2. A rainbow Spring $3
  3. A mini 3 to 5 pcs puzzle $3
  4. Bubble Blower $10

Bought for myself a giant Pooh Mug @ $12.50

Bought presents for Fara's children whose birthday party is the next day.

Met Ash @ the doctor's and afterwards we had dessert!

Longan with Mango Pudding on Ice.
$2.50 Yummy

It was almost 10pm by the time we reached home but T didn't come home for another hour. So i managed to arrange my room and watch Hell's Kitchen!

Thank you Mummy and Ayah.

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