Blogger's Improvements!

Ok i've noticed the difference in the comments section quite some time ago. It now shows you from which post a comment is from. Like DUH! Why didn't they have it before? SIOW. It showed in email tho but not at dashboard.

Pages ala wordpress are also now available. When it wasn't available, I hated blogger. Now that it's here, I can't think of a use for them!

But i've only just seen the STATS tab. HOORAYYY!!! I LOVE STATS. I want to know how many pple read my site a day, a week. During the last Long Hari Raya weekend, readership halved. I'm guessing many pple were out and about as was I. I like knowing pple from other countries also read my blog.

Ever since I cldn't figure out how to put the Nuffnang banner in my latest background template, I missed out knowing what pple had been searching for when they landed on my site. But it's back here! And this week, somebody searched "Kak Ly and Abg fai"? Who did that?

So anyways, Good Job Blogger. Towards better improvements!

PS: Xiaxue's just migrated to wordpress. Good luck to her.

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