Wish List

I was requested by friends to make a wish list to make life easier for everyone.

Have been trying to come up with the list but had totally no clue what i need to get, nor what's good and at what price.

However, i do intend to buy these few things:

  1. Food warmer
  2. Crib with easy changing station
  3. Baby Bedsheets
  4. Stroller
  5. Some sort of a Baby Sling. Initially i tot Bjorn will be good but there's no feature to carry from behind.
  6. Pumps. If u know what i mean. While some say electric is easier, others say manual gives better stimulation, so im confused.
  7. Lots of clothes of course but preferably not all newborns.

Because i dont know or can't decide what specific brand or type i want (and im very fussy), i deduce that the best thing you could get for me, IF you want to that is (im totally not expecting any bcos i dont believe in gift giving myself), would simply be:

Kiddy Palace Voucher

That should settle it.

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12 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Caca, Kiddy palace may not be that cheap. theres a few stores at Kaki BUkit industrial park, baby hyper mart and baby kingdom,where u can get strollers,baby cots much cheaper, with more variety.
-Kak Adik

Jussaemon said...

OH yeah we've been there before when shopping for Syifaa' last time. But i found the place too confusing with no customer service where i can grill ask this n that. heh

At least i imagine Kiddy Palace is much cheaper than say.. Mothercare?

farrah said...

if you're talking about getting equipment like bottles/pumps i find that kiddy palace and mothercare have the same pricing. i have a manual Phillips Isis and an electric Medela single deluxe. i find both to be quite good but the manual can get a bit tiring if you're intending to pump a lot, my wrists starting cramping after awhile.
i also own a baby Bjorn, you should really consider it's super comfortable with very good support, i hardly feel like i'm carrying any extra weight when i put my baby in it.
as for the clothes, don't buy too many newborn ones or 0-3 mths, will outgrow super fast, just buy enough. i survived one 2 packs of bodysuits from mothercare for these 2 stages and handwash every 2-3 days!

farrah said...

oh! don't forget to stock up on diapers and diaper cream :P will go through a lot!

Anonymous said...

My experience at baby hyperstore @ kaki bukit was pretty good... top notch service! Bought my stroller there and they even delivered it for me. And yup, Kiddy's Palace is not cheap and rarely have good promotions.

Mustafa's baby section is not bad too, so maybe we should get you Mustafa vouchers!

Jussaemon said...

wah 2 packs of bodysuits only? Power lah you. Yeah i definitely dont intend to buy just newborns.

Perhaps i should invest in electric one since i have a wrist injury.

Also if i remember correctly, Bjorn carrier can only support up to a certain kg which is a bit lesser than what's available?

Oh yeah diapers certainly... But just afraid certain brands won't suit my baby. dah rugi kan...

Why do we have to use diff detergent and dishwashing liquid for babies?

Jussaemon said...

Hmmm how come i didnt notice the baby section at mustafa before?? Lol and do they sell vouchers??? if Mustafa vouchers skali i terbeli barang lain eh. haha

U went to tt kaki bukit on weekday eh? tt time i went like so crowded then the showroom so small felt suffocated sey. But perhaps i can give it another go when im ready to make big purchases lah.

al_ankabut said...

Jus, confuse abt those pumps..Go to the Breatsfeeding Mothers' Support Group to see and have a demo of all kinds of pumps.
I made an appointment and went thr to have a survey of the pumps from thr, you'll know which pump will suit u best.
Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group

96 Waterloo Street, #02-04 SCWO Centre

+65 6337 0508 ( ask for Ivy)

al_ankabut said...

oh jus~ if u be a member of the BMSG, you'll get discount price if u buy pumps frm them. Quite a bargain if u compare the price outside.

norza said...

hellooo awak,

do chk out from my experience, sometimes even mothercare and firstfewyears can be cheaper. i bought my maclaren stroller with almost a price diff of $100 than hyperbaby store at kaki bukit. got it delivered and even got a discount card for future use when i bought it together with a babycot.

if ure intending to pump, medela is having an offer at mothercare right now...i juz bought a medela harmony (manual pump) which costs lesser than the one at bmsg (firstfewyears even cheaper but i cant find time to go all the way to paragon or kkh). i also have the medela mini-electric...quite noisy but ok lah cos i only use it at home. using the manual pump when i do my photography assignments. if u want to pump at work, you may take a look at ameda cos their pumps are quieter compared to medela. some ppl have letdown faster using manual, some with electric ones so it really depends on your body. :)

good luck!

Jussaemon said...

Wow this is really very great. and i can go and buy when i next visit KK!

So many things / places to consider... i might just give up n buy from the most convenient one. hehe.. but since i dont hafta buy yet... i can still take my time yes.

Anonymous said...

Heyya there,

Just to share that i bot Medela Electric & baby cot (can use till 4yrs old - ie toddler bed) at firstfewyears KKCWH. Good buy.

No manual for me. Cramped my wrist, fingers and biceps!