How I Spent New Year's Eve

The 11 bestfriends meet again.

Venue: a super nice room in Hotel Rendezvous.

Only 1 couldn't make it. The Oz/Kiwi just came back after a 9 month stint and we, or rather i, got to meet her baby in the flesh for the first time!

Reached there at 3:30pm sent by Beloved Dad who happened to be on half day also. Weee. Thank god i've already taken my super late lunch in the car because the pple who brought the food came quite late, and by the time they reached, we were due to hit the pool already! (before dusk that is)

There are 4 boys amongst us altogether. All born within days of the other! But only 3 were swimming that day as the 4th one got an errand to make. or rather, his mother did. The adult swimmers were the 3 boys' mothers and 3 preggers. Gosh we made quite a chaotic sight! So much so that the other swimmers gave up and left the pool!

From left: Affan who kept downing the chlorine water because he kept trying to bite the buoy but was seated too low some water reached his mouth. Then Zhafir the Friendly Baby followed by Husainy the Cranky Boss. Lol

Back in the room was another fuss fuss fuss... The babies had to be given priorities to change n shower cos they shouldn't stay in wet clothes for long .. in air-con room! But the preggers were already doggedly tired, dangerously hungry and dying to go to the loo!!!

Only after everyone's showered and ready, we started our dinner past 8pm. At the same time, one of us played a 5 min video of a sweet dedication filled with picture compilation thru out our 20yrs together! My my we laughed looking back at our selenger (blur/innocent) days.

Next up was baby photo taking session. They have two sets of similar clothes sponsored by two of us.

First set is sponsored by Our LadY Boss who just came back from Haj and bought this matching robes for the boys. So cute! Almost like cults with those pointed tip and tassel! LOL!

From left: Shauqy, Husainy, Zhafir and 'Affan.

I think 'Affan has potential to be a Harry Potter character in this picture!

This cute jacket set is sponsored by Shauqy's mother.
And then we had a gift exchange session anything from $2 - $5. Interesting what came out of that bag. We had to pick a no for the "Mystery prize" and then we had to guess who's the Mystery Giver. Some managed to guess correctly at first try! There were among others: mirror set disguised as chocolates, fleece blanket, Mphosis coin purse, Mug, a night shirt.
Me I got a lovely cutey cushion!!! Just what i wanted sey!! I've been meaning to buy one to prop my leg up or tummy or back. I gave a Disney notebook + Uno Princess cards that i bought hastily from the bazaar. LOL

NExt still is cake cutting ceremony. a Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe. Wordings say "Hidup Sebelas Kawan" equivalent to something like 11 Best Friends forever.

The night is far from over. Another friend had also painstakingly created 11 beautiful customised Calendar card with our own names on it. And then we started writing msgs in each others cards.

The grand finale to the beautiful night is the great view of fireworks from our hotel room at the stroke of midnight! And then the husbands sent their wives home.

Sadly, only 2 of 10 who made it stayed over night in the hotel! that's Me and The Health Executive. hehehe (Sorry.. i dont suppose u want ur name to be written here?) so the latter brought along her sister to spend the night also.

We played Boggle till 2am.

Next morning, Ordered McDonalds for Bfast and shared a cab home (bcos i can't carry my heavy hand carry bag. Ergh)

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

i heard abt this party!

i want more pictures! email me to tell me where i can find them!

Jussaemon said...

lol u made it sound so... happening!

Nisa AK said...

hey this sounded like fun! new year eve at 11.30pm i was at boat quay amidst the traffic jam and i remember wishing we had pre-planned and booked a hotel room to catch the fireworks instead of driving in last minute lolz

widzgeek said...

Haha.. oh no, I'm guilty of this.. lum sempat upload pix lah... hehehe bila eh, bila eh... lol...