New Diet Motto

If i DO wanna eat something sweet, let it has some nutritional value like calcium for Vit C namely YAMI YOGHURT and STRAWBERRY MILK and Orange juice.

Way better than sweet nothings like HELLO PANDA and KINDER BUENO.


I'm sooooooo tired... I've been sleeping past midnight the whole week and this morning i started sneezing again. Told boss that im prolly seeing the doc this afternoon but see first how after lunch.

Met Z for lunch. Walked all the way to Amara for Turkish food. Then we took the cab to Capital Square to CitiBank only to be told to go to DBS and then we walked back to office.

I'm sooooooooooooo tired... But i still resisted the urge to take half day MC. After all its Fri anyways and quite relaxed atmosphere in the office (holiday mood in full swing!).

Worse. I'm having such a bad tudung day!

Im just hanging on till Ayah comes to pick me up.

have i told you i'm sooooooooo tired?

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