More Spending Urge

After making my research for broadband packages from 2 internet providers, last night, I accompanied my parents to go to Singh-tell to sign up.

We had already decided to take on the 8mbps Plan @ $51.90 but we just needed to iron out some of the "freebies", installations and what nots.

Q1: Can we use two diff cable channels from two diff providers?
A1: Yes because this new one is using Phone line, won't affect the existing connection.

Q2: Can we use OLD no for this FREE Fixed line?
A2: Can. Basically they just transfer the contract into this plan to waive $25 subscription every 3 months.

Then they went on to suggest if we wanna save more, change to digital voice at just $3 a month for free unlimited outgoing calls. On the other hand, an analog one will cost $0.90 per hour for outgoing, all incoming free. Mum said that since she use the phone to call out quite a lot, she thought it's better to get this DIGITAL one.

Unfortunately, only after signing everything did we realise that we can only attach 1 phone to the digital voice box when currently we have two: 1 wired in the room, another cordless in the living room. Cheh!

Q3: Is the discount for Mobile Line for other nominated family users applicable for other account holders too?
A3: Yes, as long as same address. But not applicable if already on other discounts.

So The Most Important Part of Last Night is that... one of the perks of signing up is you'll get $100 off Mobile phones based on 2 yrs contract. Seems like my dad's line was eligible for recontract and im desperately in need of a new phone!!

So i got this one!

Sony Ericsson's G705

Among the most important features:

  1. GPS
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. SLIDER PHONE!!!!! yay yayyy Enough of candy bars now!
  4. 3.2MP (same as current)
  5. 3G (same as current)

Most important i got all these features at just $228! Came with 1GB memory card. their 4GB was selling at $40 or $60 can't remember. I only remember being put off by the price! Anyways, I dont really listen to mp3s, just for camera, good enough.

I'm a happy girl. Oops.. should i say Woman? Momma?

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11 glasses of Juice:

Taufiq Zainal said...

Nadiah recently bought the Sony Ericsson G705 too! She's been loving it.

Jussaemon said...

Wahhh sama! Im still trying to figure out how to chat using the phone lah.

Zaihan said...

And better watch out for the MIO plans. they may give you free for 3 months or so.. and free higher speed wireless for wireless@SG.

But... remember to check whether they have disconnected you from MIO TV and Wireless@SG plans (the basic slow FREE one is free).

PS - You can use your singnet BB account to access wireless@SG (even for the free one), which is convenience, no need so many usernames and passwords!

Jussaemon said...

Haha Your first comments. Thank you very much!

Aiyah the broadband contract comes with 1yr MIO TV but only first 6 months free.

Yeah only yesterday i was trying to sign up for the wireless@SG to no avail. Im so Gundu about all these ley.

Anonymous said...

fyi, the MioVice digital line can be used for a few phones.. just ask the installer to help u do loopback when he's there. =)

Zaihan said...

No worries. No need to sign up for Wireless@SG, you're already automatically signed up as your singnet BB account is already linked to Wireless@SG when you signed up for Singnet BB.

and if you don't want to pay MIO TV after the 6 months, terminate it... just in case they don't, i heard some cases when the customer unknowingly paid for their MIOtv when it was not used, after the free months. :)

Zaihan said...

I missed the part about chatting. heh!

I've used ebuddy when i'm outside to keep in contact with my employers during critical periods, and i say its great.

It supports facebook, msn, yahoo messenger, google talk, aim, icq.

Though i must say it is a drain to the battery for me because it uses Java to run. :(

Anonymous said...

U really love Sony Ericson eh?

Anyhow best kan phones with WiFi? U can surf anywhere, anytime :)


Jussaemon said...

Hi Anon.... Loopback eh? Thanks ill ask the installer. But the customer service officer was adamant it can't be done cos she did her own too with only 1 phone. *shrug* Will give it a shot anyways.

Jussaemon said...

Hid. Yeah man.. this is like... my 3rd SE already. Hmmm but i havent really gotten to use the Wi-Fi feature yet. Dont know why the browser said there's some error or what.. then when outside hafta login to wireless@sg which i have yet to sign up for...

alah macam2 lah BOring plak

All in all.. i dont use much of the feature pon! just phone + camera. dont even listen to songs.

Jussaemon said...

Yeah yeah we're absolutely gonna terminate tt MIO TV after the contract expires.

I suppose i dont really need to "chat" on my hp anyways since nobody msg me when im online anyways. humph! haha