I dont know whether i feel tired because i keep sneezing or i keep sneezing because i feel tired.

Yesterday i got 1/2 day mc in the afternoon because i was sneezing all day in the morning and couldn't open my eyes nor hold my head for much longer.

Although the previous night i had "sufficient" 7hr sleep, the night before that i slept at 3:30am! *shake head*

So i went home early yesterday, hired a VCD i didnt get to watch, bought lunch that i ate for dinner. All alone at home, i blasted open the TV, and nestled nicely on the lush carpet and cushions and heavy duty ceiling and promptly fell asleep without my medicine for an hour.

Woke up when the rest came home, took medicine and jumped into bed for another 2hours.

Woke up, showered n took dinner, another round of medicine and off i was to dream world at 10pm and didnt come around till 7am!

The nicest feeling EVER EVER EVER!

I DO notice that after just 3 - 4 days of religious kegel exercises (of about 10 x 10counts once a day), this time around my bladder didnt embarass me after the endless rounds of sneezing. It really is working and i totally recommend other pple to practise this exercise. (u hafta google it up as im not gonna offend some pple by describing how to do it here.)

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