NOW I Feel Pregnant

1. Yesterday, somebody gave up her seat for me in the bus even though i was wearing my "normal" shirt. She even patted my hand and said, "Be Careful" when the bus jerked violently. I'm touched but that also means that i'm really SHOWING now.

2. I'm getting more heartburns now

3. The "Stretchings", as i like to call it, are getting more frequent and more... intense / powerful. His kicks are relentless!

4. I'm beginning to have stretch marks??? One night, Zubair pointed out that he could see mini stretch marks below my navel. I shrieked. Really??? i tried to peer down (while lying on the bed) but stretch my neck enough to see. I went over to the mirror but poor lighting hindered the "revelation". Is it true or is it just his imagination? hehe I started smearing MORE cream on it.

5. I'm only starting to get breathless. I'm a bit late i think cos i'm already into my 3rd trimester. I should have started feeling breathless more in 2nd trimester when the uterus moves higher up near to Ribs/lungs(??) but as i progress to 3rd trimester the baby should be descending down already pressing more to the bladder area causing more toilet visits instead of breathlessness. A bit lagging lah me.

But i especially feel uncomfortable trying to sleep. All positions are not soothing enough. I always sleep on my back but nowadays i feel and imagine like as tho the tummy is sliding up to my ribs. Lying on my sides are even worse. I will feel flutterings like as though the baby is fighting the gravity pull by threading water. hehehehe So u can imagine how ticklish it is.

No i'm not complaining. If anything, i can imagine why all my new mother friends miss being pregnant. I think i would too.

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