Silly Silly Girl Me

Can somebody just shoot me?

I let myself be persuaded to spend $670 for 5 courses of Panda eye treatment at NYSkinSol!!!! *DIE*

Last night, i was supposed to go for a free facial trial with them and get $300 off when you sign up for packages. I had smsed them to get this free trial AGES ago... like before i was pregnant? And i remembered that the whole reason i did that was to get a cimplimentary EYE treatment. But this time they said they didnt have eye trial only facial. So i came down anyway. Free what. and i thought since my pocket is running low there shld be no risk of me succumbing to sales tactic.

I made a few mistakes tho. I confided in the consultant my concern for the Panda eye and she harped it on like crazy.

- I told her then maybe she could just help me upgrade the free trial to an eye treatment instead. She said i would hafta pay $190 more but will give $130 worth of free eye ampules.

- Bargained to $100. not possible unless i take up package.

- Package for 10 sessions = $1900 - $300 = $1,600

- 5 sessions = $800

- ASked for further discount. Got 10% @ $720.

- Asked for $600 broken into 2 payments. She said said that's impossible. that she already minus service points for me. Huh? What service point? I dont care abobut service point. I just care about price haha.

- Gave me $50 less @ $670.

- At this point i said, "I tell you what, i just go for the facial trial." She said "No lah dont. you hafta do your eye while you're still young. Just do will us a few sessions after that you just hafta maintain with creams."

- But you said even if i deposit $100 won't get the eye treatment. She said, "No lah with all the eye treatment lah."

Perhaps its bcos i had been feeling down and retail therapy will give me a dose of happy pill (Just the day before i spent $80 at Geylang buying pants and scarves and $70 @ Watsons for Stretch cream, calcium pills and toiletries and it felt good). An improved physical appearance sounds tantalising too.

So i signed my life away. A contract with the devil.

After the consultation, we finally proceeded to the actual treatment. She double cleansed my face first then applied cold mask and collagen. After that dont know what another mask. I TOTALLY TOT I WAS GONNA GET THE EYE TREATMENT TT NIGHT TOO! But she said no, next session. I felt so cheated. BOOHOOHOO... ok ok whatever.

I dont know whether its the lighting in the toilet (not their premise) or did my skin really glow afterwards? So I left a happy girl even if i'd be begging for money for the next 12months.

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5 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

I think I envy you because no matter how much I wanted to, I can never get myself to spend that amount on spa treatments.

Jussaemon said...

Accha? kyoun naheen?!

N said...

Maybe what you can do is to leave all your credit cards and ATM cards at home the next time you go for these trials. Just bring 10 bucks and a train ticket. :)

It helps for me.

nadia said...

Because I feel it's too much for a treatment. I do my own facial and foot treatments at home :)

Jussaemon said...

hahah that's a BRILLIANT Idea, N!