If it were a holiday today....

It's sooo mendak (dull/boring) at work today. I'm nodding off to sleep.

Still in holiday mood. OM @ hospital waiting to be induced. Boss in UK.

Just got back from 3D2N of Melaka late last night. So very sleepy now. Would have posted pictures already but forgot my hp back at home.

No internet @ home till Fri.

and now as the title goes... If it were a holiday today... i would be:

  1. Sleeping @ home
  2. Watching a few DVDs
  3. but mainly i just wanna stay in bed and watch my tummy move.

Baby has been a bit out of action all thruout my melaka holiday. Worried me so much. The minute i stepped on my country soil, he started his kicking already. maybe he was feeling too sombre to gear up any strength to kick me. Either that or he's not hungry enough to nudge me to eat since i was STUFFED thruout the vacation. LOL

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