Melaka Day Three - Nando's

27th Jan 09 (Tues)

So it's the last day we're here in Melaka. We requested for late check out at 2pm so that we have time to swim and pack up.

While waiting for my parents to come down for bfast...

Nice enough

The lighting's good.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Preggiest of all?

Ok Let's go down to the Bfast corner.

Again i didnt have high expectations for Bfast buffet. True enough EVERYTHING's the same except that fried noodle became fried KWAY teow which is actually quite nice and mashed potato changed to French Toast complete with honey.

We got ready for our 2nd swim right away! But when we got to the 7th floor... we were greeted by this notice:

"Dear Guests, Swimming Pool closed today for cleaning. Thank You."

HUARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SO SAD SO SAD SO SAD!!!! I was soooooo looking forward to some more exercise. Ayah even bought a pants for swimming the night before!! Look at Syifaa' all geared up for a swim with her cap and all.

Just to be sure, we tried to go in anyways but its really locked. BOOHOOHOOOOOOOO

So its back to the hotel room for a nap (SOOO not a calorie burning activity) and to pack. I remembered my promise to Z that i would show him how dirty the toilet is...

The tiles are still ok.. but...

The bathtub?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!

Yikes!! I'd say.
On the way out for lunch... we bought Goreng Pisang!! (Banana fritters)

Can we buy all, please, mummy?

Another angle to give u a picture of how this street stall looks like.

Unfortunately, some of the bananas were the ones with stones inside and some were so unripe that it ruined both mine and mummy's tastebuds the whole day!

So we reached Jusco, another Hypermart, and had lunch at Nando's.

When i told Z where i was, he said, "Oh there also have Nando's?" I replied, "Yes... but i doubt its the same as the one in Pak." This franchise is actually a Portugese one.

Syifaa' was asleep in the stroller. and us four adults suddenly fell silent at the table. LOL

Ayah's special dish

Typical of what i would order.
1/4 chicken (thigh) with 2 sides of fries + coleslaw

This is only my 2nd time at Nando's and i must say i will remind myself NOT to ever dine here again. It's just not to my taste lah. Everything tasted so... hm... bitter and foreign. No chilli sauce too of course, that would offend the chef! I'd much prefer Kenny Rogers, Thank you very much.

We dropped by at Jusco and its such HEAVEN to actually be in a well organised hypermart.

I bought 4 pairs of baby clothes @ RM 12.90 each only! (SGD 5.50) For a pair tau! Top and bottom. That's a SUPER Deal. Tried to find the packet of daily baby wear like Farrah commented but to no avail. even if have, they are more exp than this pair.

Just to show you that Melaka is quite hilly.

It was already 5pm by the time we actually set off home bound!!! Luckily, i've been to the toilet twice at Jusco because the next stop wasn't until AFTER Machap almost 2hrs later!

It being the last day of Singapore's Public Holiday, the traffic jam at Singapore immigration @ Second Link lasted 2 hours!!! Poor Ayah. He has two other licensed driver in the car but neither of us wants to drive. I feel lazy to drive nowadays prefering to sleep. Besides, ayah thinks its better that i dont anyways. Hee =)

Home Sweet Home @ 11pm.

Overall, a nice holiday. Can be nicer... but i'll take what i can get for the moment.

Next stop... Sibu??? *wink*

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2 glasses of Juice:

iris said...

i very much prefers Kenny Rogers too than Nandos too.. Less pricy and more tasty:)

Anonymous said...

frm what i know, nandos is a malaysian chain! i remember i was so thrilled when i found halal nandos somewhere in north england :)