Yes Man & The funniest Thing EVER!!

Watched it last night with Ash and my friend, Lina @ GV Yishun. Gosh that place is like sooo old now.

Speaking of which... Don't you think he suddenly AGED like nobody's business??

Despite that, he could really still pull faces like he always has.

The movie is light hearted without being too overly romantic which is good for the mood im in right now. BUT the heroine might very well be his daughter!

There was this one scene where they shouted "SURPRISEEEEE". SUddenly i got a hard kick from the tummy. Oh my poor baby got shocked! So funny!

But No no no that is not the funniest thing ever to happen in my life.

In the train ride home, just 1 station shy from our stop, an apek (chinese uncle) looking man marched swiftly past me and threw a small crumpled paper at me. My first reaction was that of bewilderment, "OMG! How dare he the litterbug!"

Second reaction was, "What if there's a msg?" Like as though we were still in secondary school... *roll eyes* At my sis' insistance, we open up this pink coloured paper and...........

(Just as well that its blurry to protect his hm... privacy?)

True enough! A name and number was written down!!

Both me and Ash were like giggling and giggling. Like EYEWWWWWW ... I didnt know i still had it in me to be... hmm.... attractive? LOL But i insisted that he wrongly aimed at me when he actually intended to shoot at my sis who's obviously the fairer of us :P I mean... Didn't he even see my 7 months bump???????

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

I think he intended to pass the note to YOU, not your sister. :P


Nisa AK said...

LOL, Yes Man was hilarious but that cheekopek throwing his number at u made me laugh even harder HAHAHHAHAHA... wth was he thinking?! Maybe u shud post a clearer image of his note here and ask all the perverts to ring him up LOL

Jussaemon said...

i know tooo funny right?!?!!? im still laughing man... It sure Brightens my day!

Anonymous said...

neway, did u or you sis call him? khehkhkekhehke :pp



Jussaemon said...

*tries to catch wana but has to stop and pant then looks at Wana vehemently* "YOU!!" LOL

Nisa AK said...

Brightens ur day huh? hehehe... so it wud be a gud idea to get strange fellows throw pieces of paper at u to keep u laughing? :P

Jussaemon said...

ok im not as sick as you.

But... tu lah kacau org lagi kan sendiri dah kena!