So I had the FULL Eye Treatment, i think.

Last night was the 2nd time i went to NYSkinSol.

They first told me that i can use my CC to get 0% installment free. tonight they told me that i had to make full payment in order to get that benefit. Because instead of $570, i wanted to just pay $300 first using CC.

Some more can chide me, "Aiyah you... how come cannot pay in full one?" I replied sternly, "cannot. no space." My credit limit is just $500 lah deng deng! And there's already something in there.

At first i wanted to scold her again that she charged an additional $21 on my card. Lucky i didnt blurt unthinkingly cos i realise its the 7% GST.

During that trial, i was surprised that she was the one who attended to me. These consultants usually have assistants to do the dirty job while they themselves talk to prospective clients. As it turned out, only for the trial she did for me. 2nd time onwards will be her assistant. Cheh!

The assistant cleansed my face first. I pointed out to her that i have a pimple on my eyebrow, so she went and squeezed it! OUCH! I was like... er... shouldn't you be asking me first whether i wanted it squeezed or not? Because i tot that the more u squeeze, the more it will leave a scar???? ok whatever.

After that, she put a hot eye pad. DAMN HOT! i sizzled. and she said, "Hot meh??" Yeah lah! U think what? she removed one pad and gently put it back again turning it every so often. The unpleasant part is that she pressed down against my eyeball. Felt a bit giddy from it. and i KNOW my body, after this when i open my eyes will surely blur one. and it did.

Next is the cold pad. Cold pad is no problem, even when she pressed down a bit is ok. and what surprised me afterwards was she put back the hot one then the cold one again several times. Isn't quick change of temperature on ur body not good for you??? What more so many times at it.

Anyways Hot pad is good for dark circles and cold pad good for eye bag. She didn't explain to me though HOW GOOD it will do to my eye. Like what's the process of improvements. GRRRR

Then There's this pencil like equipment that she used around and around my eye. Something like to generate blood circulation?? I remember i had this on that first night also.

Later, a mask was put on and i was left for some 15 - 20min. I drifted to sleep the first half of it. When i came awake, i felt suffocated. My nose is too flat i think and the "extra skin" from the mask covered a bit of my nostril that hindered my breathing a bit. I tossed n turned till i couldn't take it anymore, i pulled up the mask halfway just above the nose and it was bliss again.

but Not for long. Soon i was feeling claustrophobic. There was a handle bar at the side of the slim "bed" giving an aura of closing in. And suddenly the two pieces of blanket seemed to hot for me and lying down too long is taking a toll on my back.

She rescued me after a torturous 3min or so. Applied some cream and off i go.

I know i complained a lot. But i feel satisfied with the outcome. Perhaps im imagining it, but i DO feel that the dark circles lighten up slightly after the session.

Next appt is on 2nd Feb 09. I think after that then i will start going to the one 5min walk away from my home, i dont care.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Zaihan said...

I wanna try it out but it's too expensive! I saw the advert on TV about this Japanese skincare thingy/place that does the same thing.

I have a really bad eyebag due to lack of sleep for many years, but still no matter what i still get attention from girls. :P

Jussaemon said...

Is it MTM ur refering to?

I dont really get what you're trying to say in the last part of ur msg. It got intercepted and corrupted.