Melaka Day Two - Kampung Hang Tuah

26th Jan 09 (Mon)

Woke up at 8:30 and hastily got ready for bfast. I prepared myself for the worst. Of course I can't expect an spread like my last hotel experience in Sentosa with Cinnamon bun, etc, etc.

We had a choice of fried rice, fried noodle, scrambled egg, baked beans, mashed potato and cocktail sausages. Other standard items are toast (w just strawberry, marmalade or butter spread), porridge (no meat) and cornflakes + koko Krunch mix of cereal.

At least their dining table and sofas are big n comfy. Er... if that's not too much so.

After that, we went for a swim!!!!!!!!! close to 1.5hr worth! I didnt have any pictures on my own hp unfortunately. IT WAS FREAKING WINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wind was blowing strong thru out our stay actually.. but bcos we were mostly indoors, we didnt notice it until we were out at the pool. COLD!!!

At first, we played at the kiddy pool to get Syifaa' accustomed to the water then we moved on to adult's pool. She has a life jacket on so it wasn't a problem. and bcos Syifaa' is more attached to her TiTi (Short for Aunty Siti, as in Ash) she has to hold her most of the time and i got to swim the breadths of the pool quite a few times. Phew~ Just nice for one breath's worth. The deepest corner of the pool was actually.... 8 ft!!! We didnt even dare to cross 3 ft!

Unfortunately Ayah didnt bring extra clothes suitable for swimming (the other guys wore pants and t shirt) so he took lotsa videos instead. Syifaa' kept calling for his Atok to join. teehee =)

The best part about our holiday is that... it was true R&R. No rushing to go here or there. We took our time. After the swim, we napped a bit and went out at 3pm in search for food again but not before stopping at....

Kampung Hang Tuah.

Kampung meaning Village and Hang Tuah is a legendary warrior.

The Souvenir shop.

But mostly pple buy the Belacan (prawn paste?) here.

The "Enchanted" Well of Hang Tuah.

An Actual Kampung House.

In front of me, Syifaa' and her Atok were off chasing chickens and roosters in the middle of a small fruit farm, dragonfruit among others.

Then we paid RM1 per person to see a Traditional Melaka Kampung Hut.

Stairs were marbled.

Open Verandah

The main entrance straight away led to a steep staircase to a single bedroom upstairs.

Living room housed a host of 1920s - 40s - 60s paraphernalias.

Including this ancient sewing machine. My mum used to have one just like this and me and cousin Nur used to squeeze in at the foot paddle and wheel to DRIVE. What a pity we are too big now we can't fit in there no more. LOL.

I feel a kind of sad longing everytime i see Syifaa' moves around in her petiteness. eg: "flying" like wonder woman from the front seat of the car to the back with us, Hiding in cupboards and cabinets... How i wish !

The bedroom.

I doubt there were plants in a practical bedroom back in those days. So there were only two private bedrooms this and the one upstairs. But there was another four posted bed in the hall for the 10 children (the LEAST back in those days) i think.

The kitchen in this house was a MICRO MINI one. Like half of the kitchen back in our house and already we are complaining. BUT BUT BUT....

They have another section to store cutleries, and dining and preparation. So nothing to complain about.

Syifaa' playing with a baby kitten.

She was so brave she wanted to touch and catch it. But when i looked closer, its right ear seemed diseased and not surprised if there were fleas so we told her not to touch the stray kitten. But it followed us all the way to the car! Its jumps n leaps were soooo cute. Sigh...

We never fail to visit this relative every time we're in Melaka.

It seems that everytime I come, the house has grown. Lol with extensions here and there. Well that's to accomodate the growing family lah.

They have a granddaughter about Syifaa's age too. And another one coming in April, while i'm due in March. So many similarities!

We were served Original Keropok Lekor which i wiped off the plate. But surprisingly the host said that is actually not so nice. I was like... Are you kidding me???

Went to MELAKA MALL later for dinner. Maybe i was still full from the Lekor that i still couldnt stomach rice, so i had MarryBrown instead. Nothing much here. The mall is VERY VERY SPACIOUS but sadly underutilised with metres wasted on bare nothing. Lightings were also poor and unattractive. Dismal.

Shopped a bit @ Parkson Department Store for Z who asked for some t-shirts. Spent RM70 (about SGD 30) for 2 t-shirts and 3 pairs of socks. Nice!

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